Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Texas

We drove back from Oklahoma the morning of Christmas Eve. We made it home just in time to change and head to the Christmas Eve service at our church. Now, in years past we have always gone to the candlelight service, but we decided to go to the 5:00 family service this year. How things have changed! The sanctuary was FULL of children and instead of a sermon our pastor had all of the children come up to listen to the "Story of Christmas." It was so fun to watch all of the children head up to the front and listen to the true meaning of Christmas. Hudson slept through this part, but next year he should be able to go up front. (Probably with Mommy or Daddy though!) The service still ended with the lights out, candles lit, and singing of Silent Night...that is my favorite part every year! After church, we headed to Kelly's sisters house to celebrate. The next morning, we had Christmas at home with Noni too. It was such a wonderful Christmas this year. I can't wait for the years to come to watch Hudson grow and celebrate this season. Talk about a miracle this year...Hudson!
Leaving for the Christmas Eve service at church.
Hudson with his stocking made by Great Aunt Fern.
Opening a present.
Getting the hang of tearing off wrapping paper.
Trying out his jumper from Noni.

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