Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another day with friends!

Today we met Leslie and Griffin and headed over to see Aurora and new little Avery. Avery just turned 2 weeks old this week! The kiddos didn't know quite what to make of each other, but the three of us sure had fun talking! It is so funny to watch Hudson now because he is noticing other babies, but doesn't know what to do besides stare at them. It cracks me up!!
Griffin, Avery, and Hudson
Griffin had his arm around Avery ~ look close and you can tell.
Griffin and Hudson
Hudson staring down Griffin...doesn't it make you laugh? :)


This past weekend we went to Oklahoma. Here are just a few pics from the weekend. Hudson always loves seeing his Paw-Paw, Nana, Aunt Shani, and Uncle Geoff! (He also loves putting anything he can into his mouth these days as you can see by the pictures!)
Hudson and Nana (Hudson chewing on a wash cloth)
Hudson and Paw-Paw
Hudson and Uncle Geoff (They truly have a special is so sweet!)
Hudson after a bath. Hmm...I think I can eat both hands if I really try!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raspberries & Friends

Hudson started doing the cutest thing this week...when you blow "raspberries" at him, he tries to do it back!!! It is the most precious thing EVER!!! He of course won't do it when I am on the phone with all the grandparents so they can hear, but he does it for Mommy and Daddy, so it works for me. :) He has had a fun week with his friends. On Monday, we had playgroup at Amy and Porter's house. Porter was asleep by the time we got out the cameras, so it is just the three boys that were there. We always have such a good time at playgroup! Today we went over to Melissa and Colton's house to play. I was bound and determined to get pictures of the boys because every time we are together we never seem to get any of them together. I couldn't get any of them looking at the camera...they just kept looking at each other. So sweet! We are so blessed by all of the friendships we have! :)
Hudson blowing "raspberries" at me while changing into his pj's.
Tanner, Reid, and Hudson

Hudson and Colton

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hudson's Special Day!

What a great, busy weekend!!! We had a lot of family come in town this weekend to celebrate such an important day in Hudson's life...his baptism. It meant so much to us to have everyone share in this day with him. The promise to bring him up as a Christian was shared by all and that makes it even more special. I can't wait for him to grow up in church the way we did...getting close to friends in Sunday School, going to church camp every summer, going to Vacation Bible School, volunteering...the list goes on. He did SO GOOD while in the front of the church and did great in Pastor Mueller's arms...he didn't even flinch when he put water on his head. I was so proud! We had a celebration at home afterwards and it was so fun with several babies here. We took so many pictures and it was so hard to narrow it down, so here are a few of Hudson's special day!
Standing in front of the church with the family and Pastor Mueller.
Mommy, Pastor Mueller with Hudson, and Daddy
Hudson, Tanner, and Griffin asleep in Hudson's room after driving home from church.
Aunt Shani, Mark, Daddy, Paw-Paw, Mommy with Huson, Uncle Geoff, Nana and Great Aunt Fern
Daddy, Mommy, Noni and Hudson
Hudson with his yummy cake!
Griffin, Hudson, and Tanner playing on a great blanket!
Mommies with their boys! Kara and Tanner (6 months), Mommy and Hudson (5 months), Leslie and Griffin (3 months)
Hudson playing with Paw-Paw
Great Aunt Fern, Hudson and Uncle Geoff...Hudson is always mesmorized with his Uncle Geoff!

Friday, January 18, 2008

"Girl" friend!

After being around all boys being born lately, Hudson got to meet his first "girl" friend on Wednesday. Aurora had Avery early Tuesday morning. She is just precious and I'm sure Hudson will be like a big brother to her one day. It is hard to believe that just 5 months ago Hudson was that size. (Smaller actually!) Two of our friends are expecting girls this Spring and one a boy, so there will be more "girl" friends to come!
Leslie and Griffin, Aurora and Avery, Mommy and Hudson
Dena and Avery

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Celebrating 5 Months!

Hudson celebrated his 5 months into this world today by going to his first Cowboy game. It was an experience to say the least! We had the privilege of going with Leslie and Griffin and sitting in a suite with them since Griffin's daddy works for the Cowboys. We dressed Hudson in his Tony Romo jersey and jeans and headed to the game. You will notice that we took his 5 month picture next to his pillow before we left in his jersey, but the outfit at the game is different. That would be due to the joy of having a baby! When we arrived at Texas Stadium we quickly discovered that Hudson had a major blowout and had to be changed into another outfit. :( Oh least we got some pictures before we left! He did great in the first quarter, but as the game became more exciting and grew extremely loud he started to become scared of the screaming and cheering and would cry every time something exciting in the game happened. We had to walk out of the suite a few times, but he finally got the hang of it around half time. All in all, we had a great day and decided not many 5 month olds get to celebrate the day by going to a Cowboy playoff game!
5 month pictures

Daddy, Mommy, and Hudson
Mommy and Hudson with Leslie and Griffin
Hudson trying to fall asleep during the game.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friends and Toys!

This past weekend we went to Griffin's christening. It was such a nice Sunday with the boys! It is crazy to look at how different the boys look at different ages!! Griffin is 10 weeks younger than Hudson and Gannon is 4 months older than Hudson, but WOW, what a difference it makes!
Griffin (in swing), Hudson (in papasan), and Gannon sitting up!
The mommies with their boys. Leslie and Griffin, Jaclyn and Gannon, Hudson and Mommy
Hudson has been playing a lot this week. He is trying to get EVERYTHING in his mouth and has been getting frustrated on his play mat when the toys won't come down low enough to fit in his mouth. He is getting so strong though, that he is actually bending the bars to try to get the toys down lower. Yikes!

Loving his exersaucer!!! He gets so excited when the lights and music come on. I'm not sure he realizes yet that he is the one that is making them come on, but it is just too cute to watch!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! WOW…I can’t believe all that happened in 2007…the most important thing, Hudson! It is amazing to me every day that I have been blessed with him. It is so easy to just look at him and smile and appreciate what a miracle he is. Life with him has definitely changed and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This New Year’s Eve was different from any other. We packed Hudson up and went over to Kara and Shane’s house. Meredith, Matt, and Reid joined us there. We ordered pizza and had a relaxed evening. When we first arrived, it was almost time for all of the boys to go to bed, so we took some quick pictures of them, changed them into their PJ’s, took a few more pictures and put them to bed. Then, the adults stayed up for a while…girls in the kitchen talking and boys on the couch watching TV. Doesn’t that always happen?!? We headed home around 11:15 and Kelly and I sat down and watched the ball drop at midnight. It was a perfect night! I can’t wait to see what 2008 holds for our little family…I know this time next year Hudson will be all over the house!
Tanner with his finger in Hudson's mouth. Hudon thinking, "Cool...something else I can put in here!"
Hudson, Tanner, and Reid
The boys in their PJ' staying up until midnight for them!