Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Day of School

Today was Hudson's 1st day of school! I tried to get a pic of him wearing his backpack, but I was told it was too heavy!! Then I tried to get a pic of him sitting with his "school" stuff, but he was in no mood to sit next to it. This was the best shot I got:

I must admit, I was very nervous dropping him off this morning. We talked during breakfast and on the way there about how much fun it was going to be, but I was still prepared for tears. To my pleasant surprise, he gave me a hug and kiss, and walked right on in. His teachers told me when I picked him up that he did great. YEA!!! I was trying to get some info out of him on the way home and he told me to stop asking questions! STINKER!! Oh well, he told me he had fun, so that is all that matters! Here's hoping each school day goes well this year! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday weekend!

I started asking Hudson a few months ago what he wanted to do for his birthday party and without hesitation he wanted his party to be at a bounce house place. It is so funny to me how opinionated he is about certain things, but this kid KNEW what he wanted to do for his party! I have to say, he had a great idea because his party was so much fun...all of the kids (and many of the adults!) had a blast jumping around.
My crazy talented friend Cara designed his invites and I was in love!!
Cupcakes (and ice cream) for the kids and cake for the adults.
LOVED his cake this year!
His party favors were bags of bouncy balls.
This absolutely cracked me up...the kids had to watch a short (incredibly cheesy) video before entering the first bounce room and several of them sat right down and watched it like it was a Disney movie.
This slide was definitely a favorite in the first room...poor Aunt Shani rode down this with Hudson a thousand times!

I tried to get pics of everyone at the party, but failed miserably. I do have a few though. There were several precious babies to pass around...
...and Paw-Paw couldn't get enough of sweet Blake. Look how tiny he is!!
Sweet Nash just sleeping away.
Rowan was loving watching her big brother bounce!
Quinn and his Daddy playing basketball.
Reid in the spider climber.

Sutton snugglin' with his Daddy.
Air hockey was definitely a favorite in the second bounce room.
Poor Uncle Todd...I think Hudson was actually bouncing on him!

Colton with Stone and his Daddy.
Porter loving the big basketball hoops.
After two rooms full of bouncing fun, we headed to the party room to celebrate some more. Hudson knew what to do this year. He sat very patiently (and seriously) while everyone sang Happy Birthday.
Then, he immediately blew out his candles.
Lots of sugar in this room!
The plan was for the kids to have cupcakes, but Hudson wanted NO part of that...he requested cake almost immediately! Hey...you get to do whatever you want when it is your party, right?
Our VERY sad attempt at a family pic before leaving. (What in the world is going on with my hair?!?)
After a really good nap, it was time to open all of the fun gifts! Hudson was SO EXCITED!!
He immediately was ready to put on his Dr. coat and get to work.
Paw-Paw was REALLY excited to give Hudson his special gift...his first set of REAL golf clubs. I have to say...they are about the cutest thing ever. :)
They immediately started practicing and planning their first trip to the driving range. Too cute!

After gifts we headed to dinner and I had to include a few pics of that. Aunt Shani took Hudson outside for a while, and here is my little red-faced man with his feather getting some Nana love!
The newlyweds. :)
A rare pic of Kelly and I.
Before the family headed out on Sunday, Hudson spent some quality time with Great Aunt Fern playing with his new Bee Game.

SUCH a fun weekend!! We all had so much fun celebrating Hudson's 3rd birthday...thank you so much for all of the friends and family that shared it with us...LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hudson's 3rd Birthday!

This past Friday was Hudson's 3rd birthday. We packed in as much fun as possible to help make it a special day. I am definitely one of those people that LOVES birthdays, so planning a fun day for my little man is right up my alley! The night before Kelly and I blew up balloons and put them on the floor of his room. He was so excited when he woke up that morning and saw all of the balloons.
We started the day out by playing with the balloons and snapping a few pics!
Showing me that he is 3 now! :)
When he was done playing with the balloons we headed out to his favorite donut shop. In case you don't know, you are supposed to eat donut holes in ONE bite...see...
Oh, and you are supposed to put your finger through the center of other donuts and eat around them!
After donuts, we headed to Build-A-Bear to find a new friend. Hudson chose a bear this time and being the creative one that he is, named him Bear. :)

That evening we went to Amazing Jakes for pizza and games. Hudson LOVES this place!!
Hudson and Mommy on the train.
Playing air hockey is always a favorite.
I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to play skee-ball this way!!!
Much better!
After getting home way too late, he still wanted to blow out some candles on the cookie cake we got. YUM!
Then, he opened a gift from Mommy & Daddy. It was a hit!
Ready to do some work.
It must have been a great day because as I was putting Hudson to bed he said, "I like my birthday." How sweet is that?!? I still can't believe my baby is 3...time really flies when you are having fun!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Barnum & Bailey Circus!

Last night we took Hudson to the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baily Circus. Being the animal nut that he is, all he has talked about since were the animals that were there and how the elephant carried a lady around in its mouth. He wasn't as impressed with the "show" part of the circus and could have done without all of the singing and dancing, but seeing the animals and getting a toy that lights up were definitely the highlight of his night. I think we'll definitely be going back next year!
This was his face for most of the show!
I think these people are absolutely nuts!
Yes, those are a persons legs going through the fire ring.

The elephants were definitely his favorite part. He was in total awe!
I think this guy in the middle needs his head checked!!
What a fun way to spend a Saturday night!