Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The LAST day of Pre-K

May 23rd was Hudson's last day of Pre-K.  I will admit that I had very mixed emotions.  I have been very ready for summer and all that goes with it...the lack of schedule, swimming, movie watching, staying up late, crafts, play time, playdates with friends, sleeping in...the list goes on and on.  Summers with Hudson are fabulous and I truly cherish them.  Therein lies the next emotion....I was so sad that Pre-K was over because it has been truly wonderful.  The fact that our church has such an amazing Pre-K program where Hudson feels so comfortable going each week and the fact that he has had the same incredible teacher for the past two years makes me wish he could go there forever!  I have loved that he doesn't have to go to school every day and that we get to do fun things during the week.  I know that Kindergarten will be great, but I will also forever be grateful that I got to be at home with him these past 5 years.  So, here's to the last summer before real school begins and cherishing EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!
Here he is before leaving for his last day:
He just had to get a silly face picture in!
Hudson and his class presenting Miss Amber with her cork board full of gift cards!
(Valeria, Hudson, Kaylee, Mia, Rachel, Noelle, Ethan, Hayden, Eric) 
 Miss Amber was speechless!
 Hudson and Miss Amber.  SUCH a blessing in our lives!!!!!
 When he got home, he had to run through streamers!

 Then, we had a silly string fight!  Oh, how I love this boy!!
Let summer begin!

End of Year Music Program

 May 9th was Hudson's End of Year Music Program.  It was just as cute as the previous year!  I just love seeing him with his class...they are darling.  He was cracking up as they entered...
 He started out a little reserved...
 but quickly began dancing!
 They performed one of their favorites, "Tooty-Ta"!  That is one of my all time favorites from teaching too...the kids just love it!
 At the very end, they sang a Mother's Day song and they all had to blow their mom a kiss...precious!
 After the performance, the real show began.  Hudson and his "love", Mia just couldn't get enough of each other during the class picture.  We are SO in for it with this one!!!!!

Back row:  Hudson, Mia, Miss Amber, Ethan, Rhianne, Micah
Front row:  Eric, Rachel, Hayden, Valeria, Kaylee

Goodbye 1311

Whew!  To say that the last month has been a whirlwind would be an understatement!  Life has been beyond crazy, but we have made it through.  On April 28th, we had to say goodbye to our first home.  The home we lived in for 10 years. The home that we had and lost our beloved dog, Chopper in. The home we brought our first and only child home to.  The home that we had more memories in than we could count.  It was our choice to move, but when we handed over the keys to the new owners and walked out the front door, I lost it.  All of the great memories came flooding back and I definitely had a moment!  Thankfully we had to drive to Oklahoma to pick up Hudson from Paw-Paw and Nana and I had plenty of time to pull myself together!  If it weren't for them watching Hudson for the weekend while we moved and for Noni helping clean our house and assist with the move, I'm not sure we could have done it all!  To say I have amazing parents would be yet another understatement in this post!!  We ended up staying with Noni for 2 1/2 weeks while we waited for our new house to be finished and finally moved in on May 14th.  We're still trying to get settled, so pics of the new house will be slow to come.  So, here's to 1311, our first home!  We can only hope it brings the same happiness to the new owners as it did to us.  :)

March 2003 - April 2013