Friday, May 30, 2008

The "Lipstick Sisters"

When I taught at Dodd, I taught with two close friends ~ Melissa and Jessica. When we should have been planning or working on something we often found ourselves chatting. (All of you teachers out there can relate I'm sure!) We always talked about moms that go to the "dark side" and never get ready for the day, always wear sweat know what we mean. Well, we determined that one day when we had kids we would never let the others stray to that side. Our rule became known that you always have to at least have your lipstick on. Melissa was the first to get pregnant and she told Jessica and I by giving us each a tube of lipstick...dubbing us the "lipstick sisters"! It was such a cute way of telling us. :) So, first came Colton, then came Hudson, now baby Stone is here. We all got together for the first time this past week. How funny that the "lipstick sisters" all had little boys!! :)
Hudson, Colton, and Stone

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a fun couple of days this Memorial Day weekend full of cookouts and swimming pools! On Sunday afternoon, we went to a cookout and Hudson got to put his feet in a big pool for the first time. It was blazing hot, so we ended up spending most of the time indoors though. Then on Monday, we had a cookout at our house complete with two other babies and a baby pool. The wind was blowing, so it wasn't near as hot as the day before. We ended up spending most of the day outside. The baby pool didn't go so well for Hudson though...keep reading!
Hudson's first Memorial Day cookout.
Hudson with Daddy attempting to take a dip.
On Monday, the Helwigs, Nicols, and Piersons came over for a cookout and we had such a nice time. I don't know what we did before the kiddos for entertainment!
Griffin, Hudson, and Avery playing.
Griffin and Hudson
Happy Boy!
Couldn't resist posting this cute foot shot!!!
Hudson getting ready to get in his froggy pool with his friends. He had a good grip on his boat and other "bath" toys. (Pool toys for this day!)
OK, so the froggy pool didn't go so well. Hudson and Griffin took turns crying when we put them in it.
If he could talk, he basically was screaming at me to get him out. Poor little guy! As soon as I got him out and changed him, he promptly went down for a nap. Pool time and sleepiness do not go hand in hand!
Griffin decided to continue playing and Avery decided to get her feet wet too!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Late Mother's Day

Since we were in Oklahoma on Mother's Day, we celebrated Mother's Day with Noni this past Sunday. We had originally planned on going to the Arboretum, but Hudson was feeling a little under the weather because of his teeth, so we decided to stay at home. It ended up being a wonderful day with beautiful weather, so we spent most of the day outside.
Hudson and Noni
Hudson and Mommy...notice anything white in his mouth? :)
Hudson trying out his new froggy pool for the first time.

OK, this isn't the best picture, but if you look close you can see both of his new bottom teeth. He doesn't like to show them off yet, so this was the best picture I could manage!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Little Houdini

A few days ago I did a post on Hudson being 9 months old and at the bottom I had a picture of how he managed to get one arm out of his pj's. Well...guess what he managed to get out today...A LEG!!! I honestly have no idea how he is doing this, but it is absolutely hilarious! He is a wild sleeper ~ he is all over his crib at night and during naps, but I still don't know how he is managing to get limbs out of his pj's. His Noni asked if we had a "Little Houdini" on our hands. I'm beginning to wonder...
He was so proud that one leg was completely out!
This was the shot a few days before when he managed to get an arm out. What will be next??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

9 Months!

Hudson was 9 months old yesterday. He has now offically been here longer than the time I carried him, which is just weird to think about! He is so much fun these days ~ he loves playing with toys and real items like remotes, cell phones, keys, name it! He laughs his head off when paper is torn or when he hears plastic bags. It is hilarious! His second tooth peeked through yesterday. He definitely does not love teething. Poor little guy. :( He gives open mouth kisses and when he is sleepy, he buries his face in your shoulder. I just love that! He is still a big time flirt when we are out and about ~ he smiles away at anyone and everyone...especially other kids. He is getting more and more vocal every day. He likes to say "ba ba" and shriek from time to time. He also has opinions now ~ especially at meal time! Sometimes I cannot shovel the food in fast enough and he lets me hear about it! He continues to be such a joy and I am trying to cherish every moment because it is just going by so quickly.
We went for his 9 month check up today and he weighs 18 pounds 13.3 ounces (22%) and he is 28 inches long (40%). He got one shot today and had his finger pricked to check his iron count. He did so good...he didn't even cry at the finger prick...he was more interested in the latex glove on the nurse's hand. There were a few tears with the shot, but once he discovered he had a bright yellow bandaid on his finger from his finger prick he forgot all about it. Dr. Cook said he looked great. He commented on how "busy" Hudson was. Should I be worried that a doctor who sees kids all day long thought Hudson was busy? Yikes! I was worried that he wasn't crawling yet, but Dr. Cook wasn't worried at all. He said some babies never do crawl...we'll see...Hudson seems to do things when he is good and ready. He also should start pulling up any time now...again...he'll do it when he is ready!
Hudson next to his pillow!

Hudson decided he was done taking pictures next to his pillow, so he proceeded to lay down and scoot away...

I laughed out loud when I went in to get Hudson this morning. I have NO IDEA how, but he had one arm out of his pj's. I of course had to sit him up and grab the camera.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Exciting Weekend

What a great weekend!! We headed to Oklahoma this past weekend to attend my brother Geoff's law school graduation on Saturday. It was such an exciting day and I couldn't be more proud of him!!! The entire family came in town to celebrate and Hudson got to meet several family members for the first time. He did so good being passed around for two solid days...he didn't particularly enjoy the actual graduation ceremony though...Kelly and I took turns walking out with him so he could "talk" and move around. We were there to see Geoff walk across the stage, so that was the most important part! On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with everyone at a wonderful brunch. It was such a nice weekend! :)

Geoff walking down from the stage. (Horrible picture I know.)

Dena, Geoff, Shani
(Can you tell how proud his sisters are??)

Hudson admiring his Uncle Geoff's tassle.

4 generations...Paw-Paw, Hudson, Uncle Geoff, and Great Grandpa

Graduation wore Hudson wore his Uncle Geoff out too...
(Look at what Hudson is holding in his sleep...too precious!)

Geoff asleep back at home after the graduation party.

Paw-Paw and Hudson at brunch on Mother's Day.

Uncle Geoff and Hudson...look at those arms go!

These family pics were taken at the Oklahoma Art Museum...the restaurant we were at is attached to the museum. The sculpture you see behind us is all glass...really cool!
Our first Mother's Day picture! Maybe next year we can keep his shoes on him...ha!

After lunch, Paw-Paw and Shani got ready to ride their bikes and Hudson was very interested in Aunt Shani's bike helmet! Future Lance Armstrong?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Breaking News!!

I have been waiting to post this in hopes of getting a picture, but that is proving to be VERY difficult!!! Hudson cut his first tooth last Wednesday!! It is his bottom left one. He has been a trooper!! I could see it coming for a few days, but it stayed just under the surface before it decided to break through. It is through now and he is chewing on anything and everything he can get his hands on...including my finger on occasion. Ouch! I will post a picture as soon as I can get one!