Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

One of my traditions is to have pictures taken of Hudson and I for Mother's Day.  The past two years we have gone ahead and had family pictures done at the same time.  I could not be happier with the pictures that we got this year!  My family makes me smile!  :)

 My favorite family pic!!

 We had a hard time getting "real" smiles from Hudson, but she finally got one!

 This one just makes me laugh...crazy eyes!
 LOVE this one...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of Pre-K (The first year!)

Today was Hudson's last day of Pre-K...for the first year.  Having an August birthday has its advantages, one of which is that he will go to Pre-K twice.  We were blessed with such an awesome teacher that he will have her again next year.  I couldn't be more thrilled that he will be in the same class with the same teacher next year!
Here he is before leaving for school today.  :)

 This is the gift I assembled for his teacher.  The parents sent gift cards to Miss Amber's favorite places...it was so fun to make!

 She was so surprised when the kids walked in to give it to her.  Hudson's class only had 6 kids in it and 1 was absent and 2 were late, so most of the pictures are just he, Zach, and Mia.
 Hudson, Mia, Miss Amber, and Zach
 When I got home from dropping him off, I put this on the door for a fun surprise when he got home.
 When I got back, I had to get one last picture of he and Miss Amber...
 ...and a picture of he and Mia.  He tells us all the time that he loves her...so stinkin' sweet!!!
 He was confused at first when he got home.
 Then, I sprayed him with silly string and he knew the fun was about to begin!
 He LOVED crashing through the door!
 I asked Miss Amber to write in the book Oh, the Places You'll Go! for Hudson.  I will be asking his teachers as long as possible to do this with the idea of giving it to him at graduation.  Here is her sweet note. She called the kids treasures...so sweet!
 She made this for me and gave me some flowers for being her room mom this year.  Again, LOVE her!!  So blessed to have her in our lives for two years!  :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Couple Shower

This past weekend was my brother's Couple Shower in Oklahoma.  Shani and I along with Tara's sister and best friend hosted and we had SUCH fun planning!!  We did a backyard BBQ theme and it could not have turned out cuter.  Shani and I spent most of Saturday decorating her backyard and it was comical to say the least.  :)
These were the centerpieces.

 My favorite part BY FAR was the mason jars with candles hanging from the trees.  Shani has THE PERFECT backyard for this!!  It looked amazing when it got dark.
 The fun table of BBQ.  The cones are holding fried okra.  I didn't post it, but we had a s'mores bar for dessert.  SO FUN!
 The happy couple!
 Shani and I.
 Kelly and I.
Such a fun night.  Next up...the WEDDING!!  :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pre-K Year End Music Program

May 3rd was Hudson's Pre-K Year End Music Program.  It was quite possibly the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen in my life!  His music teacher put together a compilation of all of the kids favorite songs and they sang and danced their hearts out.  To say I loved it is a complete understatement!!!  It was pure greatness and I'm so glad they put this together for the parents.  Hudson was an absolute HAM the entire time.  Hopefully you can tell by the pictures !  :)
 They danced in to, I Like to Move it, Move it!  :)

 The Mexican hat dance...

 Groovin' to Tooty Ta!
Loved every second of it!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Up, up, and AWAY!

We have had so many beautiful afternoons here lately and we are enjoying every one of them before it gets too hot!!  One of Hudson's favorite past times is seeing how high he can get on his glider...WOW!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding Season!!

Wedding season is here!  My brother is getting married in June and the festivities began last weekend with a bridal shower for my future sister in law, Tara.  My family is SO LUCKY to be gaining her into our lives!!  

Above:  Tina, Tara, Aunt Fern
Below:  Shani, Tara, Dena
 Hudson got to hang out with Paw-Paw during the shower and was so excited to see everyone when we got back.  He was on a bug collecting kick and here he is showing Aunt Shani and I what a June Bug looks like on its back!  HILARIOUS!!
 Showing Aunt Fern his bugs...

 He of course got some tickle time with Aunt Shani and some wrestling time with Uncle Todd!

Here's to many more upcoming weekends in Oklahoma celebrating Geoff & Tara!!