Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What do you feed the kid who won't eat anything???

You feed him Chinese food of course! Last night was one of those nights where we just needed take out. So, we ordered Chinese food...one of my favs. Hudson has been struggling with food even more than usual lately which hasn't been fun for any of us. He doesn't want anything we offer and it is really frustrating. So, for lunch today I pulled out the leftovers and thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. Once again my picky eater shocked me by DEVOURING everything I gave him...inlcuding an egg roll!! While most kiddos will eat mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and things of that nature, my son eats Chinese food, seaweed salad, summer sausage, and chicken enchilada soup. Oh well! As long as he eats. Here are a few pics of him enjoying his lunch...
(Yes, he is still in his pj's...it is freezing here and we weren't going anywhere today! Oh, and yes his black eye finally healed and he replaced it with a nice big fall against the shed this weekend on his chin...poor baby.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hanging with Paw-Paw and Nana

This weekend Paw-Paw and Nana came to visit. We decided to take Hudson to the Dallas World Aquarium on Saturday since it was so cold outside. We all had a great time and I'm not sure what Hudson loved more...looking at the animals or running around trying to escape!

Stairs were quite popular...he loved going up and down them over and over again. (With a little help of course!)

Examining the stingrays.

OK, I just had to include this picture...I could not get a "Hudson smile" picture all day...this one is the best I got with his eyes closed. Oh well, he's still a cutie even if his eyes are shut! :)

He loved looking at snakes...YUCK! Do you see that big monster in there???
Here are a few of the things we saw...

This was the game most of the day...Hudson wanting to explore on his own. Fun stuff!
When we got home, Hudson had some work to do...
One of his favorite things to do is clean. He actually goes to the cabinet and asks for (in his way) some cleaning supplies.
After he was done cleaning, he decided Paw-Paw needed some help on the computer.

He then decided he should probably get on top of the desk in order to help. Paw-Paw was cracking up at this point! Look at that little guy go. Thanks Nana and Paw-Paw for such a fun weekend!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bed Head Baby!

Hudson wakes up almost every morning with bed head. He has the craziest morning hair and it is always precious. This morning was particularly crazy...I woke up to find this:

LOVE that bed head! :)

Can I play with the big kids??

This past weekend Noni and I took Hudson to the park and once he spotted the "big kids" playing basketball he wanted nothing more to do with the jungle gym. He kept running to the side of the court and wanted SO BADLY to play with the big kids. He cried and cried when we finally had to pick him up and carry him off. :( One day my little man...
This was his reaction when he saw the big kids playing basketball. Priceless!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

17 Months

As of yesterday, Hudson is now 17 months old. Not only can I not believe it, but I can't believe he will be a year and a half next month! It is just crazy to me! For this months post, I thought I would list a few things that he is doing that I think are just too cute!
1. He only likes the bananas that have a sticker on them. I now put stickers on each banana so he will eat them!
2. He won't eat a broken Cheerio. Yep, if there is a Cheerio that isn't a full circle he hands it back to me.
3. He must always have a spoon or a fork in his hand while eating. This is different from eating with a spoon or a fork...he doesn't necessarily put it in his mouth, but he must have one in his hands at all times.
4. His sippy cup must always be in the cut out portion of his tray that is designed for the cup. If you move the cup, he puts it right back in its place. (Is he his mommy's son or what?!?)
5. He loves to throw trash away for us. If you give him something and ask him to put it in the trashcan, he walks into the kitchen and immediately throws it away. The unfortunate part about this one is that sometimes he takes it back out or something else out and brings it back to you!
6. He loves all things that pertain to hair...brushes, hair dryer, flat irons...yes it is true. Don't know what else to say about that one!
7. He loves taking pictures. Well, he loves carrying a camera around and putting it up to his face acting like he is taking pictures. Do you think that means mommy takes too many pictures?
8. I will end on the cutest one of all. When we ask him if he is sleepy and ready to go night night, he grabs George and Ducky and will either bury himself in me or walk to his room and stand by his crib. How sweet is that?
Here are a few pics I took yesterday to document month 17.

Man, I love this crazy boy!

Holding Hands

Today we went to our friend Devon and Ella's house for lunch. Ella is 10 1/2 months old and is very interested in trying to walk. She does great when she is holding on to someone and Hudson wanted to be that special someone today. When she came out of her room holding hands with her Mommy, Hudson immediately went and grabbed her hand and started walking with her. It was the cutest and funniest thing ever. He was bound and determined to walk by her side the entire way to the living room too. Here they are on their journey holding hands. Should I be worried that he is already holding hands with girls?? :)

Are we in for trouble or what?!?

Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Silly Monkeys and Dinosaurs!

Today was one of those full days...we had a birthday playdate planned for the morning and a fieldtrip playgroup planned for the afternoon. It was a very busy day and I'm not sure that I would try to pack those two things into one day again, but we had a great time! This morning we headed to Aurora and Avery's to help Avery celebrate her upcoming 1st birthday. She is having a family party this weekend, so she invited two of her best buddies to help her celebrate a little early today. Aurora made us a great brunch and the kiddos had a great time playing...especially when they got to get silly...
Hudson LOVED looking out the window at their two dogs. He kept saying "dog" while pointing and getting really excited. It was precious!
Hudson giving Avery a lesson on how to open gifts.

We decided we needed a group shot of the kiddos, but since they are so fast we had the grand idea of putting them in Avery's crib to snap a few shots. Aurora started jumping up and down to get their attention and boy did it work...they started going CRAZY...jumping around, screaming, laughing...I don't know who looked sillier...the 3 silly monkeys or the 3 silly mommies. Here are a few shots of the silly monkeys jumping in the crib:
Avery, Hudson, and Griffin

Part two of our busy day was meeting some of our playgroup friends at the Heard Museum to see Dinosaurs Alive. Hudson was SUPER SLEEPY from only taking a 30 minute nap, so he didn't venture too far from me, but I think he liked seeing the big dinosaurs anyway.
His reaction to the first dinosaur.
Watching the dinosaurs from a distance. (George stayed with him the whole time to protect him.)
The T-Rex was the final dinosaur.
The gang: Hudson, Reid, Porter, Quinn, and Sutton
What a fun day!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Boy Haircut

I will start by saying that Hudson doesn't have a lot of hair...it isn't thick at all, but it was starting to get a little out of control. A few weeks ago when I went to get my haircut, my stylist was sweet enough to trim above Hudson's ears and on his neck which helped a little, but Kelly and I decided on Saturday that his crazy hair was a little too out of control. So, we packed up Hudson and headed out for his first offical haircut at Cool Cuts for Kids.
These are the last pictures of the out of control mess before the cut...it always stuck straight up like that...even after putting water on it and brushing it down! :)

Hudson had a wonderful time waiting for his haircut. He LOVED the Thomas train table.
Notice his "Whoville" hair? Tee hee!
He did SO GOOD during his haircut. The lady was so nice and was done in less than 5 minutes. At one point we thought he was going to lose it (you will see the picture below) but he was fine. Yea Hudson! So, here's a little trip down haircut lane...
"Cool Mommy...I'm glad you brought me to this place so I could ride in a firetruck."
"Wait a minute...why is my head all wet?"
"What is that lady doing to me?"
"This needs to stop immediately!!!"
"OK, I'm feeling a little better...what is that machine doing?"
"This is torture, but I'm over it."
"That wasn't too bad after all. I think I'll strike a little pose to show off my new do."
WOW...when did he get so big?