Monday, January 30, 2012

Thanks Pinterest!!

I have to admit that I have a slight addiction to Pinterest. I have found SO MANY good ideas, recipes, and fun activities on there and have finally started putting some of them to use! I have been so inspired that I sat down and wrote some of my "Fun for Hudson" ideas down on the calendar and have been doing one of them a week. Hudson is LOVING the activities so much and I am having just as much fun as he is! This is what we've been up to:

First up, glow balloons! (I could NOT figure out how to get a good picture of this...I definitely need help figuring this out!!) We literally sat in his room for an hour at a time in the dark throwing balloons back and forth. The child was in heaven!

Before bath, we popped the balloons and he took a glow bath. SO FUN!

Next up...a giant color sheet/play sheet! I simply drew a city on a shower curtain liner...
Here he is checking it out.

...he started out by coloring on it...

...then he brought cars, planes, and eventually horses on it. Again, played on this for about 45 minutes straight. The best part is that I just folded it up so we still have many more hours of fun with it!

Homemade bathtub painting was next. I let him add the food coloring to the shaving cream. He had fun mixing the colors and guessing what it would make once I stirred it up.

Our finished product:

Then, he was ready to go.

We were working on letter B, so I figured he could get some tracing practice in there!

I think he loved making a big mess the best! Can't wait to see how our next few weeks of activities go. Thanks Pinterest!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bowling Party

Two weekends ago, Hudson was invited to a birthday party for Zachary, a boy in his Pre-K class and Sunday School class. The party was at a bowling alley and Hudson was so excited because he hasn't ever been bowling before. He LOVED it! He needed quite a bit of help from Daddy, but got the hang of "granny rolling" the ball! They even got a strike together!

Even though he doesn't look excited here (no idea what he is looking at) he had a great time!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December Photo Session

The first weekend in December we met the photographer we use for a mini session at a museum in Carrollton. The goal was to get one great family picture and some pictures of Hudson to give to family. She was amazing as always and captured some GREAT pics! I even have a new favorite of my little man. It is hard to believe how fast he is growing...he looks so big to me!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas in January

This past weekend we headed up to Oklahoma to FINALLY celebrate Christmas with the rest of our family. It was so weird to have to wait that long to see everyone, so we were all really excited for the trip! Paw-Paw and Nana left all of their Christmas decorations up and the whole family spent the entire Saturday together just like it was Christmas. Hudson couldn't believe he got to open more presents...he was a little excited!

He and Uncle Todd being silly. :)

You are never too young to be a super hero!

Daddy (Robin), Hudson (Batman), and Uncle Todd (Superman)
Needless to say, Hudson LOVES his new super hero costumes!

After opening presents, Hudson couldn't wait to show everyone his new bike riding skills. Lucky for him, I come from a family that loves riding! Uncle Todd, Aunt Shani, and Paw-Paw all rode with him.

Later, he decided he needed to ride his 4-wheeler to be able to catch up with them!

One of his favorite things to do at Paw-Paw and Nana's...take a bubble bath!

So glad we finally got to celebrate Christmas with the rest of our family!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas morning was magical this year! Four is definitely the best age so far...watching Hudson's excitement Christmas morning was SO FUN! I wish I could bottle up how excited he was. Just like last year, he bypassed the tree and ran straight to the plate of milk, cookies, and carrots to make sure they had been eaten. He was so excited to find out they had been and then he turned around to see this:

The Batman Batcave was THE present he wanted...if anyone ever asked him what he wanted for Christmas he always named the Batcave first, followed by a Batmobile and the Lion King movie. He was beyond excited to find the Batcave!

Then, he found a surprise gift from Noni...his first bike!
Happy boy opening his movie! :)

After a few more gifts and his stocking, he realized that there was a letter telling him that one gift was waiting for him in the study. He couldn't believe his eyes when he rounded the corner to find this:

(Thanks Paw-Paw & Nana!) After gift opening, we sat down for a fun breakfast. Rudolph pancakes were a HIT...we will definitely make those again! :)

We had originally planned on going to church after breakfast, but time had gotten away from us and we missed it. :( So, we bundled up and headed outside to play with his new toys. I was amazed at how fast he figured out how to ride his bike. He got on and immediately started going. (He has ridden it EVERY DAY since too...he is IN.LOVE with his bike!)

Next up was riding his go-kart. He is a bit of a maniac driver!!

Check out this speed racer's face!

It is definitely a good thing we live four houses down from the school so he can have plenty of room to ride!

For the first time ever, we didn't go out of town on Christmas day. As much as we missed seeing the rest of our family, it was so nice being able to watch Hudson play with all of his new toys and spend the day together! We definitely had a very blessed Christmas!!