Monday, February 24, 2014

Meeting Baby Luke

Wednesday, February 19th, I finally became an aunt and Hudson finally became a cousin!!!!  My sister had the most darling baby boy, Luke Phillip.  After what felt like a year, (OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a tiny bit) we went to Oklahoma to meet him on Friday.  A year, 3's all the same!  :)  Kelly and I got to meet him Friday night, but we had Hudson wait until Saturday.  Luke was being changed and was crying when Hudson walked in, but as soon as he was dressed, Hudson was ready to hold him.  He plopped down on the couch, held out his arms, and Luke immediately fell asleep in his arms.  It might have been one of the sweetest moments EVER!!  Here they are together for the first time...

I'm beyond excited for my sister and can't wait to watch this little one grow!  :)

Heart Day and a Half Birthday!!

 Valentine's Day fell on a Friday this year, so Hudson woke up for school to find the table scattered with hearts with reasons why Mommy and Daddy love him, along with a few goodies.

Sounding out some of the reasons.  :)
 Crazy eyed kid!

 We (as in Mommy), worked really hard on his Lego Valentine box this year.  He was SO stinkin' proud of it!  Here he is before heading off to school.
 Being room mom, I was in charge of his Valentine party.  They did a craft, played Valentine Bingo with conversation hearts as markers, had a snack, and of course got to go through their boxes.  They were so cute opening all of their Valentines and oohing over what they received.  :)
Here is Hudson at his table working on their craft.
 Snack time!

 His half birthday was technically the day before, but since it was one of my tutoring nights, we celebrated on Valentine's Day.  After eating our traditional heart shaped pizza for dinner, we brought out a little cookie cake.  
 We had to have candles of course too!  See the green "half" candle.  :)

 It blows my mind how BIG he's getting.  (Insert tear.)
 No half birthday is complete without a little something to open.  He got the movie Ice Age Continental Drift.
 He was just a little excited about it too!  
We all quickly put on pajamas, made popcorn, and had a movie night to end a great day!!

Showering Holden

On February 1st, my sweet friends hosted the most precious baby shower ever for Holden and I.  The entire shower was decorated to match his, white, and green.  They held the shower at our house, which made putting gifts away really nice!  It was the perfect shower and perfect afternoon with friends.  My only regret is that I don't have a picture of everyone that came.  Boo!
 Here I am with my fabulous hostesses! I really am one lucky girl!!!
Aurora, Kristy (who came all the way from Colorado!!), Leslie, Holly
Kara, Dena, Jessica

 How cute are the decorations?!?  Above is a diaper wreath and the cutest banner ever that will be hanging in his room!  They did a drawing for everyone that brought diapers:
 Little jars of honey for all of the guests.  :)
 The food table was DARLING!!!  There was a childrens book that went with each item.  TOO, TOO CUTE!!!!

 Precious cards that everyone filled out...still can't seem to read them without tearing up!!

 Opening gifts.

 A pic with part of our playgroup...Meredith left before we took this and I missed Brittney and Annie.  Oh, how I love and miss these girls!!
Kara, Amy, Dena, Cara (Yes, this girl came ALL the way from Houston!!), and Alli
 A pic with my teacher them!
Dana, Susan, Dena, Jessica, Melissa
 Colleen and I...friends since college!  
 A tummy pic with Jessica.  She is due about 5 weeks behind me. :)
 My sweet sister in law, Tara who came all the way from Oklahoma to join in the fun!!
It was truly a fabulous shower and I felt SO incredibly blessed and loved.  :)  Can't wait to introduce Holden to all of these wonderful women that I am lucky enough to call friends.

Tummy Pic - Week 30

Here's a pic of me with my growing tummy...week 30!

Second 9 Weeks Awards

Hudson's school had their second 9 weeks awards on January 24th and he had a note sent home saying he was going to be recognized.  So, Kelly and I excitedly went up to the school to see what he was recognized for.  I couldn't have been more proud...he was recognized 4 times!!  He got an award for being able to count to 100, knowing all of his letters and sounds, already reading at the end of the year mark for Kindergarten, and for being a Wonderful Worker.  This mommy and former teacher thought I might just burst!  
Here he is accepting his first award.
 Going up for number two.
 I was sitting in the WRONG place for the group picture, but if you look in the back row, you'll see Hudson smiling right at the camera!
 His face when he was called to go up again!  
 He was so proud of himself!!!  Love this kid!