Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Chapter...

Kelly and I have been toying around with the idea of moving for the past few years now.  We would look at real estate websites every few months and talk about it, but never felt ready to really go for it.  After talking this Fall, it occurred to us that we had a timeline.  With Hudson starting Kindergarten next Fall, we realized if we were going to move, we needed to do it soon.  We both love the idea of him starting Kindergarten in a school and moving up all the way to graduation with the same group of kids.  (We know that something could happen, but this is our ideal!)  So, we really started looking and quickly realized how picky we were and decided our best option was to build.  We'd love this to be our forever home, so we wanted to get it right!  We found a realtor that we love and after looking at every builder in the surrounding area, found the one for us.  We secured a lot in October right before we left for Hawaii.  
 Our piece of dirt!  :)
We knew nothing would happen for a while, with permits and getting the land ready, but once it started going up, it is flying!  This was taken right after the new year...our foundation:
 A view of the end of our excited about this.  There is a pond and a playground literally just one house down and across the street.  There is fishing and normally there are ducks.  I know we will be walking to the pond over and over again!!
 Shortly after the foundation went up, we drove by one day to see this:
We have been waiting to put our house on the market until we were 60 days out of our house being finished. So, it went on the market last Tuesday the 12th around 3:00, we had our first showing at 5:00 and an offer the next morning.  We had a ton of showings while we waited for the contract to go through and finally it went through Friday afternoon.  (Showings were NOT for me!  Not fun having to leave your house over and over again!!)  The sweet family buying our house is going to let us leaseback until the end of April.  The new house should be done middle of April, so we're just praying that it is so we can move right in!

 This past Sunday we stopped by and it is actually looking like a house!  Woohoo!  
 We took markers and wrote some scripture throughout the is some of what we wrote:
The entryway:
 The kitchen:
 Random pic of the back of the house:
 Master bedroom:
 We let Hudson write his name in his room.  :)

 Master closet:
 Hudson's room:

 Living Room:
 Game room...just one of my favorite verses...doesn't really have anything to do with a house!  :)
Can't wait to see what this next chapter of life holds for us!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

Hudson had school on Valentine's Day this year, so I was able to snag a few class pics at the end of the day.    The kids could either wear jammies or a Valentine shirt and Hudson chose a shirt.  His shirt said:  All the Ladies Love Me with a heart on it.  Funny story...on the way to school he asked me what his shirt said and then he said, "Mommy, all the ladies do love me."  Ha!!  He then started listing all of the girls that "love" him...funniest thing EVER!  I couldn't quit laughing!

 Class pictures with Miss Amber..silly faces and regular!  :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

5...and a 1/2!!!!

Hudson turned 5 1/2 on Wednesday, February 13th.  Since that is a tutoring night for me, we celebrated a day early and went to TopGolf.  Hudson has so much fun going there...I think he's going to be just like his Daddy and Paw-Paw!  :)

 A little sword fighting with Daddy and Mommy.  (Not sure what he is looking at in either picture!)

 When we got home, we sang Happy Half Birthday, and he blew out a candle on a brownie dessert.  
 Then, he got to open and play with a new game...The Joker Fun House.  Loving all things super hero, this was the game for him!!  

Happy 5 1/2 little man!!!  We love you with all of our heart!!!

Friends :)

Last month, January 31th, Meredith invited all of the old "playgroup" mommies over for brunch.  (We missed Cara!)  We had SUCH a great time catching up, eating, and TALKING!!!  It is crazy to think that the first time we met, only Meredith and Brittney had babies, and the rest of us were pregnant.  A LOT has changed in the last 5 1/2 years!!!  
Blessed beyond measure to call these girls my friends!!!!