Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pure JOY!

Hudson had Kelly blow up some balloons a few weeks ago to play with and they have lasted FOREVER!  They have lost just enough air that Holden discovered that he can pick them up.  They were in my bedroom this past week and he had the BEST time playing with them.  I love the PURE JOY on his face!!

That him!!


 Life is definitely different from when Hudson was Holden's age.  When Hudson was a baby, all of my friends had kids about the same age, so Hudson and I were constantly at playgroup or having play-dates with friends.  Having children 6 1/2 years apart is definitely a game changer.  Most of my friends were done having kids several years ago and with Hudson being in elementary school and playing sports, we are in a much different place now.  My sister's baby is only a few weeks older than Holden, but they live in Oklahoma.  Boo!  Luckily, my friend Jessica had her third child, Hayes 8 weeks after Holden was born and I just know they will be great friends!  They came over for a play-date this week and as they were playing with a diaper box (who needs toys, right?), I grabbed the camera!  Such cuties!

11 months

11 months...I think I should just let the pictures speak for themselves...ha!  This kid is ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE!!!!!!  I don't think I've ever been around a baby that can move and get into something that he shouldn't so fast in my life!  Kelly and I have started referring to him as a tornado.  I couldn't even get pictures of him with his 11 month sticker because by the time I sat him down he was already at the end of the bed.  I finally had to enlist Kelly and Hudson to help and it still didn't work.  This little one is definitely going to keep us on our toes!!  He makes up for it with his cuteness though!  He is definitely a mommy's boy and would prefer to be playing right next to me or for me to hold him 90% of the day.  Separation anxiety has hit hard.  He has started to cry when being dropped off in the nursery at church and at BSF each week.  :(  Makes me sad, but he is always happily playing when I go pick him up.  He is still terrified of the vacuum cleaner and the hair dryer.  I keep thinking that I should have amazing arm muscles from carrying him around while I vacuum!  He's obsessed with cords that plug into the wall, blinds, shutters, and the glass on the coffee table.  He's going to be a hot mess, but I wouldn't have him any other way!  I love him like crazy!!

 I gave up trying to take pictures and just let him go...happy boy!

 Coming back to Mommy...I told you he doesn't go far!  :)

7 and a 1/2

On Friday, February 13th, we celebrated Hudson's 1/2 birthday by having our traditional heart pizza, dessert, and a movie night.  Hudson devoured his molten chocolate cake!

He was also extremely happy to get two new Skylander Trap Team characters.  Mommy did good!
It is hard to believe that my "baby" is 7 1/2!!  Time really does feel like it is moving in fast forward lately.  I could not be more proud of the boy that Hudson has become.  I thank God every day for the privilege it is to be his mommy.

Valentine Party

Hudson's school Valentine party was February 13th.  I love that he is always so happy to see me at school...melts my heart!  
 This year, they made their Valentine bags at school.  I thought his turned out really cute!

 Holden kept trying to get in on the action.  I had to snap a picture of this cuteness...I turned around to see Hudson helping sweet!
 The game they played at the party was awesome...they had to blow q-tips through over sized straws into a bowl.  Every 1st grade boys dream...ha!

My favorite Maverick!

One of Hudson's friends from school asked him to play basketball this winter.  Hudson excitedly said yes and had such a great time playing with several friends from school.  Most of the kids had never played, so they learned a LOT in the short season.  Hudson absolutely loved it...I see basketball in our future again next year!  Here's my favorite Maverick...#1!

Here are a few pictures from his game on February 7th.  His coach is showing him where to aim while they were warming up.
 He shoots...he scores!!

 Here is Hudson in action.  He had such a game face!!

My Little Helper

 These days I have a little helper under my feet all day...a BUSY helper that needs plenty of things to keep him occupied!  Here's a look at him helping while I try to get a few things done in the kitchen:

Isn't he just the cutest little helper you've ever seen?!?