Friday, November 21, 2008

I want the one with the sticker!

Hudson is definitely a creature of habit. Every morning he eats the same thing for breakfast...a bowl of Cream of Wheat and a banana. It is the smoothest meal of the day and he always gobbles everything down. He normally eats about half of his bowl of cereal before pointing to the bananas in the basket on the counter. I then say, "Do you want a banana?" and he gets so excited...legs kicking, pointing, and sometimes a little bit of squealing. This is our morning ritual. Well, yesterday he already had his banana and he continued pointing to the bunch of bananas in the basket. I finally asked him if he wanted to hold the bunch of bananas and ended up setting the bunch on his tray. He was SO EXCITED!
Now, do you remember as a kid wanting the banana with the sticker on it? (Hopefully it wasn't just me!) Well, I showed him the sticker and the excitment grew...he could hardly contain himself.
Inspecting the sticker...
(Yes, George eats breakfast with him every morning. Lovies need a little food too...especially this one since he is a monkey and all!)

He liked the sticker so much that he decided to give it a little taste...not as good as the banana though! So the next time you eat a banana, you will have to check and see if you got the one with the sticker!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

15 Months & Some Trips to the Doctor

Hudson was 15 months old this past Thursday. I'm a little late posting because it was a rough week for the little guy. He started not feeling well on Tuesday and I took him to the doctor on Wednesday to learn that he had ANOTHER ear infection. :( Poor thing. You will see by the pictures below that he wasn't very amused at me trying to get some cute 15 month pics. Other than being sick, Hudson continues to be one busy little guy and he is always making us laugh. He isn't walking but will walk behind anything that can be pushed or anything that is still enough to walk around. He does stand on his own for short periods, but once he realizes what he is doing he immediately sits down. He loves to feed other people these days and loves to help clean. (A boy after my own heart!) Every time I get out cleaning supplies he has to have a rag or sponge to push around too. It is precious! He continues to be very opinionated about food...if he could live off of fruit and goldfish he would be content. My absolute favorite thing that he is doing though is returning to the land of snuggles. Yes, after months and months of not ever wanting to cuddle, he will point to his rocking chair and will cuddle away while being rocked. I could rock him for hours like that! :)One of his favorite things these days is talking on his phone. He hands it to us first and we pretend talk on it, then say "It's for you" and he happily takes it, puts it up to his ear and jabbers away. (Not very amused at picture time though.)
Saturday morning Hudson awoke to find that Paw-Paw, Nana, and Aunt Shani had come for a visit. He was so happy and forgot all about his ear infection for a while. Here he is helping Aunt Shani get ready for the day.

Saturday evening we were getting Hudson undressed for his bath and discoverd he was COVERED head to toe in a rash. After talking to the nurse, she wanted us to take him to Pediatric After Hours to determine if it was a viral rash or a rash due to the penicillin he was on. So, after taking a bath and getting his jammies on we headed to the doctor.

Nana kept Hudson busy while we waited to see the doctor. He did very well for being up past his bedtime and being at a doctors office for the second time in one week. The doctor confirmed that he was allergic to penicillin and he was to stop taking it immediately. I was so sad for him because I am allergic to it also and wanted him to be able to take it. I know that sounds funny, but it gets rid of so many illnesses so quickly and it really stinks not being able to take it. After further examining him, the doctor discovered that his one ear infection had turned into a double ear infection. Man, can the little guy get a break? Needless to say, it was a really long Sunday and Monday, but he seems to be feeling better today. Yea! Oh...forgot to say that during the ear infections he also cut his first molar. Seriously?!?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mommy ~ Hudson Day

***WARNING*** Lots of pictures on this post! ***WARNING***

I've seen a lot of people post about a day in their little one's life, so when Hudson woke up this morning I decided we would document it. He woke up right about 7:00 and was eating breakfast by 7:05. Yes, I actually get his breakfast ready before he gets out of bed because this boy is HUNGRY when he wakes up.

Happy boy with a full tummy!

Helping Mommy clean his tray off.

He was done with breakfast and ready to play at 7:20. First order of business, helping mommy unload the dishwasher.

Pretending to drink from a cup! :)
He played very hard (shown above) until 8:30 and was ready for a nap, so down he went. I quickly took a shower and got ready as fast as I could. I think he is trying to slowly get rid of this morning nap, so I never know how much time I have. I will dearly miss this nap because this is when I get ready every day. :( Today he slept until 10:00 though, so I was not only able to get ready, but I was able to do two loads of laundry and check email too. WOW! When he woke up, we had some errands to, post office, and the all important Target! Does everyone love Target as much as I do?
(I might have started something really bad today...YIKES! Hudson DID NOT want to sit in the cart today, so I sat him in the basket part and he was in heaven. Hopefully he won't remember that next time we go shopping.)

When we left Target, it was about 11:00 and Hudson was getting really hungry, so I decided we would have a lunch date. Where? Taco Bueno of course! I hate to admit this, but Hudson and I get Bueno about once a week. My picky eater LOVES bean burritos!!
More burrito please!
After Taco Bueno, we headed home and Hudson played and played until 1:00, then went down for a nap. He woke up at 2:30 and I decided that since it was such a beautiful day we would head to the park. We made a quick Sonic run first and off we went.
Hudson discoverd what a cherry limeade slush was...YUMMY!

I had to include this picture because his hair was cracking me up! :)
Pointing to the ducks.
Pointing to a leaf.

We left the park around 4:00 and headed home for more play.

5:00 - Dinner time
Hudson was ready for his bath at 5:30. Every night he stands and waits for the tub to fill up. He bounces and laughs the entire time. I think bath time is definitely the highlight of his day.

After brushing his teeth with a little help from mommy, he was ready for bed. After some rocking and snuggling he was in bed at 6:05. We had such a fun day together!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ball Popper or Daddy??

One of Hudson's FAVORITE toys is his Playskool Ball Popper. If your child doesn't have this, it is a must have!! Last night after his bath, Hudson and Daddy were having some good play time before we put him to bed. It started out by him playing with his Ball Popper, but quickly turned into a game with Daddy. Don't you just love watching them play with their daddies??? :)
Hmmm, I wonder if I put this in here if it will shoot out?
Look Mommy!!!
I've almost got it!

Tired Puppy!

This past weekend can be summed up in two words....tired puppy! On Friday afternoon, Hudson and I headed to Noni's office for their Trick-or-Treating party with kids and grandchildren. The event started around Hudson's naptime, so I knew it would be interesting. When we arrived we quickly put on Hudson's puppy costume and he was not very excited about it. He refused to wear the hat part, so his puppy ears were hanging behind him. He really did great for being sleepy, but didn't show off any smiles. :(
Noni, Hudson, and Mommy
Friday night after Hudson had already gone to bed, Paw-Paw, Nana, and Great Aunt Fern arrived for a visit. Paw-Paw hadn't seen Hudson in almost two months and decided that was way too long! I scheduled some pictures for Saturday afternoon after Hudson's nap thinking we might get some cute puppy pictures. Needless to say, Hudson was too excited that family had come to see him, so he pretty much refused to take a nap. On the way to Stonebriar he was all smiles and laughing up a storm. THEN, we arrived at the mall. He was too tired for his puppy costume, too tired to smile, and too tired to be messed with. We left with ONE picture!! We then went to dinner at Brio and poor Hudson had almost had it. He sat in Nana's lap to eat and kept having to walk outside to look at the birds. Poor litte guy!
Coloring with Nana.
I can do it myself!!!
Feeding himself mashed potatoes.
After dinner this little puppy went home to go to bed and now he is trying to deal with the time change. Man, can we get a break around here?? :)