Monday, June 17, 2013

Destin 2013

The first week of June, we headed to Destin, Florida with Paw-Paw and Nana.  It was a BEAUTIFUL week at the beach!  Hudson is officially a beach bum, and yes, that makes this mommy a happy camper!  :)  He was in heaven each day playing in the ocean!  He played in the sand, fished with a net, jumped waves, made friends, and rode waves on a boogie board over and over again.  It was a fabulous week and we were definitely not ready to come home!

 Trying to build a mote is hard work!  He quickly learned that the water will not stay.  
 The only picture he posed for and the sun was in his eyes...of course.
 Snacking on the beach.

 Look VERY closely in his hand and you'll see a tiny fish.  

 Catching some waves.
 One night we went on a crab walk with flashlights in hand.  So fun!

 Our beach finds.
 I think Hudson's favorite part was being on the beach in the dark and getting wet with clothes on.  Ha!

 Stopping for a few minutes to get some love from Nana and Mommy.
 He did request to be buried in a hole one day...nut!
 Having an Oreo toast with Paw-Paw one night.  :)
 The condo that we stayed in had fish food to feed coy...this was a daily stop for us.

 The day before we left, Kelly, Hudson and I went on a dolphin cruise.  It was awesome!!  We saw dolphins within the first 10 minutes.  So cool!

 Hudson was in awe watching the dolphins swim close to the boat and jump out of the water.  They were even riding the giant waves.
 Before leaving the boat, each child got to be the captain for a few minutes.  Here's my cute captain:

 After the dolphin cruise, Hudson spotted a snow cone, so we had to stop and get one before heading back to the beach.
Such an amazing week at the beach!!  :)