Monday, August 31, 2009

Playgroup Birthday

Today we had our first Fall playgroup, and it actually felt a little like Fall! We headed over to Alli & Chapman's house and got to celebrate Chapman's birthday. It was SO NICE in their wonderfully shaded backyard that the boys got to eat their cupcakes outside and play to their hearts content.
The lineup: Sutton, Tanner, Landon, Hudson, Reid, and Chapman (Baby Jace & Baby Grant don't get to join in the cupcake fun quite yet and we missed Porter and Quinn!)
Hudson and Reid digging in!
My sweet son definitely has a sweet tooth! Hmm...I guess he comes by it honestly with me as his mommy!

The boys in action. The water table was definitely a hit. Some of the boys (you know who was one of them) were soaking wet at one point. Such fun!! We can't wait for the rest of our fun, Fall activities!

All you need is a water hose...

...and you can have this much fun!!

A certain somebody might miss hot summer days!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Aunt Shani Came to Play!!!!

Aunt Shani was out of town the weekend of Hudson's birthday party, so she planned a special trip this past weekend to come visit. Hudson was beyond thrilled to have her all to himself!! He would run around the house saying "Shani" if she got out of his eye sight...cute, cute! We went to the Aquarium on Saturday and it was so fun as always.
(This bird that they are looking at started pecking a man's hand right after this picture was taken...I think he might have been hungry!)
Todd, Hudson, and Aunt Shani
Even though Hudson loved everything in the Aquarium, he REALLY loved Bob the horse that was waiting outside when we went to leave. He never got brave enough to pet him, but didn't want to walk away from him either.
After the Aquarium, we went to dinner and Aunt Shani's coolness did not disappoint the little man.
First she pulled up some 5 Little Monkey videos on her iPhone for him to watch...
Then, he got to play with this SUPER COOL new chalkboard that she brought him. It rolls up so you can take it places. How neat is that?!?

After dinner he got to throw rocks in the water with her.

Thanks for coming to visit me Aunt Shani! You are the coolest aunt ever and I love you!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Our Little Monkey is Turning 2!

Choosing Hudson's party theme this year was pretty easy. Most of you know that Hudson always has his lovie, George with him. He also LOVES Curious George and we refer to him as our little monkey. So, we decided to do a monkey theme. What better place to monkey around than at his gymnastics center? Party planned! Here was the invite:
The YUMMY cake!!!

Cake for the adults and cupcakes for the kids!
The gift tags on the favor bags:
The back of the birthday boy:
The birthday boy...monkeying around! :)

Hudson with his darling gymnastics teacher, Miss Amanda. I think she might be his first crush! :)

The parents got to get involved with the parachute. Doesn't that bring back elementary memories??

After an hour of playing, the kiddos went to the party room for pizza and cupcakes. They were a hit!

Some quick family poses.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Hudson, Happy Birthday to YOU!!
He was trying very hard to blow out his candles, but needed a little help in the end.

Diving in!
I didn't get them all, but here are some of the sweet friends that came to help celebrate!

Aren't they all just precious!?! THANK YOU for coming to help Hudson celebrate #2!!
It was SUCH fun filled party and Hudson had a blast. Hudson will always be my little monkey!

Hudson's Actual Birthday

Here's a little recap of Hudson's actual birthday!
When Hudson woke up Thursday morning, I went in singing Happy Birthday and found this confused and sleepy face:
After eating breakfast we headed to the doctor for his well visit. Yes, I scheduled his appointment on the actual day. There weren't any shots, so I figured he wouldn't mind. He made me laugh because he was "reading" in front of the fish tank and picked up this Shark book. How appropriate! I think these next few pictures might be my favorite pics of the day. He was stripped down and sitting on the window ledge waiting for the doctor to come in. Such a cutie!

After the doctor we headed to Hudson's favorite lunch spot...Taco Bueno.
After getting in a nap and some good playtime, we headed to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Hudson is a pro at putting the coins in the slot!

I decided Hudson needed some candles to blow out on his actual birthday, so we went home to eat this:


After eating cake Hudson got to open a few presents. He definitely knew what to do, but was a little more interested in throwing the paper in the trash than the actual gift! (I know, I know...he is SO my child!!)
Let's play a little game of Where's Hudson...

After a fun filled day, I rocked the birthday boy for about 2 seconds and he was OUT! It sure is hard eating all that yummy food and having all that fun!! I still can't believe he is two...W.O.W.