Monday, March 18, 2013

House Update

I drove by the house last Friday and at first was so excited because they were bricking!  Then, as I got closer I realized that they weren't putting the stone in all of the places that it was supposed to go.  So, I drove up to the sales office and after much discussion, we changed some of the placement.  I think it will turn out fine, but it definitely made us realize that we need to be constantly checking in to make sure things are done right.  We drove back by yesterday so I could take a picture without a million people in front of the house.  Here is the progress:

Here's hoping they get it done by April 28th...we are feeling the pressure!!

Silly St. Patrick's Day

Here are two very random pics from St. Patrick's Day.  First up, Hudson drinking his Shamrock Shake that we made together.  He LOVED it!  (See the thumbs up?)
 He called me into the bathroom while he was taking a bath and told me to bring the camera.  Since that never happens, I grabbed the camera and ran.  This is what I was asked to take a picture of. Crazy kid!  :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oklahoma Family Pics

Back on January 6th, we had family pictures taken while in Oklahoma.  They turned out so them!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Science Fun

Hudson has been LOVING science experiments lately.  We have done a lot and this mommy is having to get creative!  I snapped this picture the other day of us making a this boy!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

To Oklahoma we go...

 I was going to title this post Uncle Geoff's 30th birthday, but then I realized I don't have any pictures with Goeff in it.  Boo!  We headed to Oklahoma this past Friday to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday.  We went to dinner that night and Hudson was so excited to see Jack there.  These two kept us all on our toes while collecting chopsticks and playing with Silly Puddy.  :)
The next day, we went to the Science Museum in Oklahoma.  We all had a is a great museum!  First up, Aunt Shani and Hudson in a tornado!

 All of the adults played too...Aunt Shani building a tower for Hudson to knock down and Paw-Paw spinning tops.  :)

 Nana and Hudson having a serious conversation at a GIANT table!
Such a fun time I'll get a pic with Geoff!  :)

Perot Museum

A couple Friday's ago (February 22), Hudson and I headed to the new Perot Museum to meet The Wilson's and the Carroll's.  It is so big that we weren't even able to get through the entire museum.  The boys had a blast! 
Here's Hudson doing a flight simulation.  He was an eagle I think!

 Racing a was fast!

 Silly boys!!  Love them! :)