Monday, June 16, 2014

3 Months

I can't believe this sweet baby is already 3 months old!!  He has had an eventful past month that wasn't fun at times, but things are much better.  At his two month appointment I was telling his doctor that I was worried about how fussy he was all the time and how he didn't seem very happy and wasn't smiling much.  At the time she thought it was mainly due to his horrible reflux and changed his medicine again. She scheduled and Upper GI where it was confirmed that he has severe reflux and we also learned that he is aspirating a little bit when he swallows. Then, the following week while changing his diaper, I discovered blood in it.  I panicked!!  I immediately called the doctor while trying not to cry and after making an appointment my phone rang and it was our sweet pediatrician personally calling me.  She told me that the blood meant he had a milk protein allergy and I was to immediately stop eating all dairy and soy.  She then said it would take about 2 weeks to get out of his system, but that he should feel much better after that. She said that explained why he was so fussy and didn't seem happy.  Poor baby had an upset tummy constantly.  :(  Well, I quickly learned that diary and soy is in EVERYTHING, but I cut it out immediately.  He didn't seem to be getting any better and then I found blood again...TWICE.  So, our pediatrician referred us to a pediatric gastroenterologist.  She told me to cut out all beef and to also check my prenatal vitamins for soy.  Sure enough...SOY in my vitamins.  Seriously??  After cutting out beef and changing vitamins, we have a NEW, HAPPY BABY BOY!  HOORAY!!!  It was a long road, and this mama is eating pretty much a Paleo diet, but it is SO worth it to see his precious smile!  Most babies grow out of this allergy around 8-10 months and it doesn't mean that he will be lactose intolerant.  I'm already making a list of all the things I'll eat when I'm able to.  Ha!  
Here are a few pics of my sweet boy:
 THAT HAIR!!!!  :)
 Hudson got in on the action to see if he could make him smile.
 This picture cracked me up...he looks so DONE with pictures.  :)
 I only got this one, crooked smile this time around.

 Today I thought I would snap a few pics of his favorite is "talking" to me after he eats.  I could seriously bottle him up!
 He absolutely LOVES his playmat!!  He didn't like the Baby Einstein one we had for Hudson, but after laying him on Luke's while we were in Oklahoma and seeing how much his face lit up, I immediately went out and bought the one that Luke had.  Best money ever spent...he loves it!

 The thing that he does love that Hudson loved also is this swing!  It is also my lifesaver because he will happily swing while I take a shower and get ready every day.  :)
So blessed that this sweet, crazy haired boy has completed our family!!  Love him!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

School's out for Summer!!!

With the crazy weather we had this year and all of the snow days, the last day of school was actually moved to the day after graduation.  It was a half day and a pajama day.  What more could you ask for? 
 Here is my excited boy before heading out!
 When he got home, he had to do our tradition of running busting through crepe paper to get in the front door.  I hope he enjoys this for several more years because it sure is fun to watch!

 He came through so fast that the camera wouldn't focus and snap fast enough!  Can you say excited?!?
Here's to a fun-filled summer!!

Kindergarten Graduation

I'm not sure how it happened, but my baby is done with his first year of school.  Sniff, sniff.  It was a truly wonderful year.  I absolutely love his school and loved his teacher. His first year was everything I prayed it would be and I still can't believe it is over.  They had a Kindergarten Graduation the morning of June 5th.  Here's my sweet boy before we headed out the door:
 Waiting for his  name to be called...
 Shaking hands with Mrs. Shermer, the principal.
 Walking off the stage next to Mrs. Bradshaw, the assistant principal.
 After the graduation, we headed back to his classroom for a presentation by the kids, refreshments, a slide show that made us cry, and plenty of pictures.

 Hudson and Christian after their presentation.
 Graduation cap and diploma.  :)
 Being silly with Noni.
 Our graduate.
 Hudson with the amazing Mrs. Bray!  She told me that she wishes she could have a class full of Hudson's...WOW...I couldn't ask for a nicer compliment.  He can give us a run for our money at home, but he knows how to act at school.  :)  She made me promise to bring him by at Meet the Teacher and to stop by every once in a while.  Then, she started crying. :(  Made me cry too...she was seriously an answered prayer for his first year of school.  I asked her if she would mind moving up to 1st grade.  One can wish, right??  Hopefully she'll still be there when it's Holden's turn.
Now I need to get used to the fact that I'm about to have a first grader.  Where does the time go??

Destin 2014...the trip that almost didn't happen!

This year, the Destin trip was planned during Hudson's last week of school.  It was a jam packed week...splash day, movie day, graduation...the list goes on.  So, we decided to miss Destin because Hudson had school.  Two weeks before the trip, Kelly asked me what I would say if we could go after all.  I told him there was no way, but if we could, I wanted to be back for graduation.  Well, Nana found an extra condo for our family and we went for it.  For the first time ever, we DROVE...eek!!  It actually wasn't horrible believe it or not.  I used a lot of Pinterest ideas to keep Hudson occupied and was shocked at how easy the drive was.  We arrived before the people that flew, so we went to Harborwalk Village for dinner.  They had these giant hamster balls that Hudson absolutely LOVED!!!

 He was a HOT MESS when he got out, so he got a sno-cone to cool off.
Daddy and Holden walking back to the car...Holden was a hot mess from sweating in his carrier.
 The first day on the beach was BEAUTIFUL!!
 Can you say happy boy??  :)
 It was WAY TOO hot and sunny for Holden on the beach, so he spent most of his time in the condo.  He did take his first dip in the pool with Nana one evening as the sun was going down.  He looks so serious!
 Hudson flying through the air thanks to Uncle Todd.
 Beach Baby
 Holden and Daddy talking one evening before bed.  :)
 Cat napping with Uncle Geoff.
 One morning I snapped this picture of Hudson kissing Luke.  Precious!

 Hudson loved being on the boogie board this year.  The water was flags every day.  Poor Nana got a workout helping him with the boogie board every day.

 Our last day there we actually got Daddy on the beach.  There were a ton of tiny fish, so we fished for a LONG time that morning!!
 The suncreen that NEVER soaked in!!  Check out his white face...ha!
 Sweet boy with a sand castle that he made.

 Kelly and I with Geoff and Tara.

 The last night there we took Hudson back to Harborwalk Village so he could get in the hamster balls again.  We seriously need to find these in Dallas!
 Then, we went to ride go-karts.  They actually had some that he was able to ride by himself.  
 Then, he rode fast ones with Nana.
 Daddy, Nana, and Hudson had a water fight on these bumper boats.  It was one time that Mommy was thankful to have to wait with Holden.  They were beyond soaked when they got off!  
 It was a FABULOUS trip and I'm so glad we made it at the last minute!!  Here are some pics of Holden on the way home...such a sweetie!