Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a fabulous, low key Easter this year.  It was fun to see TWO Easter baskets at the front door.  :)

 Hudson and bed head with his Easter basket and new war game.  

 Hudson requested cinnabunnies again for breakfast this year.  :)

 After church, we dyed eggs and had a thousand egg hunts in the back yard. 
 My boys and I.  :)
 This boy LOVED hunting eggs this year.  We hid them, he hid them, mommy and daddy had races on who could find them faster, we hid in teams, hunted in teams...you name it, we had a twist on egg hunts.  We literally hid and hunted eggs for hours!!  SUCH fun.

 I had to put this picture in here of one of Hudson's eggs...cracked me up!
It was a beautiful day celebrating our risen Lord and spending time with family.  

Easter Eggstravaganza

Saturday, April 19th we went to our church's annual Easter Eggravaganza.  Here is a picture of Hudson with his empty basket before the egg hunt began.  Nut!
 There's only one thing to do while you wait...take a picture with Mommy of course!
 Let the hunt begin...

 Hudson was on a mission.  Gone are the days of the timid little boy hesitating to pick up eggs.  :)  Poor thing stepped in an ant pile at the end of the hunt though and was ready to leave as soon as it was over.  Look at his pitiful face.  
 This is how Holden enjoyed the hunt.  He was busy meeting people at church that hadn't met him yet.  
 After Hudson recovered from his ant bites (we had some drama!), we went to have lunch on the patio at Gloria's because it was BEAUTIFUL outside!!
I absolutely LOVE my boys!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

One month already!

I'm not sure how, but this sweet baby is already one month old!  April 14th was here before I knew it...one day after his due date.  The month has absolutely FLOWN by. On one hand our lives haven't changed.  Kelly and I have worked really hard to keep things normal for Hudson.  So, poor little Holden has been on the go constantly...being dragged to soccer games, swim practice, to pick up big brother every day, PTA board meetings, Bible study, and even a movie!  On the other hand, everything has changed!!  I am BEYOND exhausted of course, we have to be ready 15 minutes earlier than normal to get anywhere on time, my laundry load seems to have quadrupled because of this tiny little person, feedings rule our lives, but the best part is that I'm pretty sure my heart has doubled in size.  I will admit that when I was pregnant I was concerned about loving another child as much as I love Hudson...it seemed incomprehensible, but WOW, it happens!!  This sweet little snuggle bug entered our world and completed our family.  God is GOOD!!!
 A little about this little guy...at his one month appointment, he had already grown 2 inches and gained almost 2 pounds.  He LOVES to eat!  When he wakes up, he wants to eat NOW and will let you hear about it.  He also LOVES to be held...all.the.time!  He doesn't like being flat on his back, so he sleeps in his papasan chair most of the time if he isn't in someones arms.  He HATES bath.  Poor thing cries through the entire thing still.  He grunts more than any infant I have ever been around.  Kelly has started calling him piggy because of it.  :)  He is still super sleepy and sleeps the majority of the day.  He is such a snuggler...BIG time.  He is precious and couldn't be more loved!!! 

Oklahoma Visitors

Hudson's school had a golf tournament fundraiser on April 12th that Kelly and my dad played in.  Since Aunt Fern, Geoffrey, and Tara hadn't met Holden yet, we decided to make it a big family weekend and everyone came down.  Aunt Fern had been itching to get her hands on Holden.  :)
 There was a putt-putt tournament for the kids during the actual tournament.
 Hudson and Nana playing in their tournament.
 Holden at the tournament...he was really excited.  :)
 Kelly and Dad's team WON the tournament!  They were a *little* proud!!
 Uncle Geoffrey and Aunt Tara loving on Holden before they left on Sunday.
 It was such a fun weekend filled with family time!

All I want for Easter is my 2 front teeth!

Thursday, April 3rd I received a call from the school nurse saying that she had Hudson in the clinic.  He and another child had a head on collision at recess and he had a busted lip.  She said he was OK, but he bled a lot and assured me he was being really brave.  Well, when I picked him up from school, I discovered that he not only had a busted lip, but he also had a REALLY loose top tooth that was hurting him.  After thinking about it all night I decided to call his dentist in the morning.  They said they wanted to see him to make sure there wasn't any permanent damage done.  So, the next day we left his field trip a little early and headed to see Dr. Lisi.  Thankfully there wasn't any permanent damage, but she did tell us that she wanted the tooth gone by the weekend so that an abscess didn't develop.  Eek!!  She talked to Hudson about all the ways to wiggle it and things to eat to get it to come out on its own and then told me that if it didn't come out we would have to go back in for her to pull it and she REALLY didn't want to do that.  Well, my precious boy had a LOT of tears the next few days because he is not the kid who messes with loose teeth.  It was a long weekend and the tooth was still there come Monday morning.  I told him we would give it a few more days.  Thankfully I received a call Tuesday from the nurse saying it came out.  HOORAY!!  Here is my big boy with NO front teeth!  

Little Houdini

Holden was napping one afternoon and I walked in to check on him to discover that he is a little escape artist just like his older brother was!  He somehow managed to get his arms out of his swaddle.  Little stinker!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Family Maternity Pictures

I had contacted our sweet photographer months ago to schedule a maternity family photo shoot.  She normally recommends doing the shoot at 36 weeks, but after telling her that Hudson was 4 weeks early, we decided to schedule it a little earlier than that.  The day that we had it scheduled for, it was pouring down rain, so we had to cancel and reschedule.  We finally had them taken on Friday, March 7th...one week BEFORE Holden decided to arrive.  They almost didn't happen!!  I'm SO glad the weather cooperated this day and that we now have these precious pictures of our family before we became a family of 4!
With Hudson's love of soccer, this picture just seemed too appropriate!

 This one cracks me up!

 I don't remember exactly what was said, but when Chera asked Hudson to kiss my tummy he said something hilarious.  I absolutely love this picture...so glad she captured this moment.  

 Before we left, she snapped this precious picture of our little snaggle toothed boy...that front tooth only held on a few more days!

Another 9 Weeks and a Field Trip!

Friday, April 4th was a busy day for Hudson.  The morning started with the 3rd 9 Weeks Awards Assembly.  Hudson received the "Mathematician Award" this time for being able to add and subtract quickly and efficiently.  He LOVES all things math and asks for addition problems constantly...it must be paying off!  :)
 SO proud of this guy!!
 An hour after the assembly, I headed back up to the school to go on his field trip to the Fire Station.  Luckily it was a short field trip (only an hour and half since the fire station is in walking distance), so daddy worked from home and watched Holden so I could go.  SO thankful that Kelly has such a flexible schedule so I can still do all things "room mom" with Hudson!!
The kids were in awe of the HUGE ladder that was up on the truck.
 They all got to climb through the truck before getting a full tour of the fire station. It was a busy morning at the station...they got 3 calls while we were there.  So, by the time our tour was over, all but one fireman was gone.  Crazy!!
 Hudson's sweet class with Mrs. Bray and one lone fireman.  :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dr. Donnell

Last Friday, the 28th was Community Helper Day at school.  The kids had to dress up and be able to present 3 things that their helper did.  Hudson chose to be a veterinarian.  Very fitting for my little animal lover.  :)

Brothers :)

When Hudson got home from school last Thursday (March 27), we tried to get a few pictures of he and Holden together.  It was comical!!