Monday, June 29, 2009

Slip & Slide, Pool Party, and a dog named Jet

We went to Oklahoma this weekend for a birthday/pool party my sister and her boyfriend were throwing. It might be safe to say that Hudson would have ranked Saturday as a best day ever. :) Being able to spend an entire day outside and with water...what more can a boy ask for?
Hudson, Nana and I started out Saturday playing with a Slip and Slide that they had gotten for him. One word: SUCCESS!

After a really good nap, we headed to the pool party. Paw-Paw and Nana bought Hudson a special pool that we kept in the shade at the party. He LOVED it...we even got to bring it home with us so he can play with it in our back yard.
It even has a slide...

Being silly with Paw-Paw.
Our attempt at a family pic.
Hudson L.O.V.E.D. this little game that he roped his Uncle Geoff and Aunt Shani into playing. Geoff would drop him into the water and Shani would catch him while treading water...bless their hearts (and arms and legs)!!!!
Here is Hudson being the life of the party. Notice everyone is looking at him...he was eating it up and putting on quite a show!
Before we left on Sunday we stopped by Great Aunt Fern's house. Let me start by saying that the only dog that Hudson is ever around is Noni's dog, Coco (who is a white maltese). So, when we walk into Aunt Fern's house and he sees a black poodle he starts saying Coco. We think that he must think that all dogs are Coco. It was hilarious...we kept saying, "Hudson that is Jet." He would just look at Jet and say, "Coco?" Too cute!!
Hudson with Great Aunt Fern and Coco Jet.
Hudson asking Nana to hold Jet.
Petting softly. (Poor Jet...doesn't she look defeated?)
Jet finally realized she might like Hudson and decided to just walk all over him. Needless to say, this thrilled him to no end!
We had such a fun weekend...can't wait until our next visit!! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sno-Cones with Daddy

We had a very low key Father's Day this, lunch, and then a surprise for Hudson in the afternoon. We took him to get his first sno-cone at Bahama Bucks. It was definitely a hit! He sat on Daddy's lap the entire time and enjoyed over half of his cherry sno-cone.

Kisses for sweet!
These pictures CRACK ME UP!!! Hudson wanted the lime from my cherry limeade and even though he made these faces he kept going back for more. Silly boy!!
Oh...Hudson started counting this weekend. Completely out of the blue he counted to 6! We count every day and he has never shown any is the cutest thing to watch him count now. He is definitely impressed by himself with his new skill! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


The first or second week in June is normally "Destin week" in our family. It is a week that I start looking forward to sometime after Christmas each year. I think I could easily be a beach bum...everything about the beach appeals to me!! Last year my dad and sister rode in a bike race in Lake Tahoe so that took the place of our yearly Destin trip, but it was back on this year and it didn't disappoint! There were 14 of us in the condo this year and it was WONDERFUL!!! It was Hudson's first beach trip and I think it is safe to say he loved almost (I'll get to that) every minute of it!
Waiting for the plane. Hudson did a great job was his 4th time to fly and he is starting to get the hang of it. I have to say it is much easier flying with lots of family though...there was plenty of "passing Hudson" going on! :)
His favorite beach toy by far was this little watering can. Everyone else loved it because he kept washing the sand off of our feet!
A view down the beach. L.O.V.E the white sand and blue water!!!!!
Little surfer dude!
Now, the next two pictures look a little out of place. The second night we were there, Hudson woke up screaming in the middle of the night and was BURNING UP. We ended up having to find a doctor there the next morning and you have probably guessed already...he had an ear infection. Poor little guy. They prescribed some antibiotics, told us he had to stay out of the sun for the day and sent us on our way. I totally have the kid that gets sick on vacation!!
Waiting at the doctor office.
Waiting for his medicine at Walgreen's. I normally don't get snuggling like this unless he doesn't feel good. Luckily, the meds kicked in and he felt great the rest of the trip!
We had professional beach pictures taken this year and I CAN'T WAIT to see them. We all wore white and khaki...I will definitely post as soon as we get them. Here is a pic of Shani and I after the photo shoot.
Love you sis!
Most of the boys played golf every day (some played twice every day) while we were there.
Geoff, Dad, Uncle Al, and Kelly
I had to get a pic of this...Hudson is always sweeping at home and was just thrilled to find that there was a broom in the condo.
Lovin' the ocean with Nana!

Uncle Geoff decided to start lots of bad habits while we were of which was running Hudson around in the basket. Hudson was in heaven!
Look closely...each morning you could watch the dolphins from the balcony. This one was a mommy and a baby, but they never came up for air at the same time.
Hudson was very good about putting on his chapstick!
The only pic of the little guy and I on the beach that was semi decent and yes, George made it in the picture too. We were so sad to leave, but we are already looking forward to next year. Thanks family for a wonderful week...we love you!!

22 Months!

As of yesterday, Hudson is 22 months old. W.O.W. 22 months means 2 months until he is 2...which is just crazy!?! He is talking up a storm these days. We often refer to him as a parrot because he repeats everything you say, and I mean everything. He is also trying to do everything that others do...from doing the motions to songs, "cooking", "cleaning", making hand gestures...everything. His strong willed personality seems to have gained momentum, but so has his sweet side. The kid loves to laugh and be silly which is great for us! I haven't caught it on film yet, but he makes his "strong face" and puts his arms up to show his muscles...HILARIOUS! He also makes his "cute face" and puts his hands under his chin, and smiles while he tilts his head to the side. Too precious for words. He has stinker written all over him and I could just eat him up. Happy 22 months little man...I love you!
Playing with Paw~Paw on his 22 month day! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Pool Time!

This past Monday morning we decided to meet our friends Melissa & Colton and Jessica & Stone at the neighborhood pool. Let me just say it was a good WONDERFUL morning. The boys had a blast, the mommies were actually able to talk, and one more made for a long afternoon nap from the little man! Love it! I see many more mornings at the pool this summer! :)

On the way out the door I grabbed some plastic cups and they were a total hit...who knew?!?
Hudson acting like a dog maybe?? Not sure what he was doing here. Funny little guy!
Told you the cups were a hit...Colton decided he could even use them to wash his feet! :)