Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy #2 cousin Luke!!

We headed up to Oklahoma this past weekend to celebrate Luke's 2nd birthday!  My sister outdid herself with the decorations for his was beyond precious!! She even made this darling truck to go with the theme that the kids could get in.  TOO CUTE!!!

 The littles had fun playing in the sand box with Paw-Paw.

 Hudson had fun playing bad-mitten with Jack and Uncle Geoff.

 The cute birthday boy with his mommy and daddy.  How fun are they all dressed up?!?
 Hudson having fun playing soccer with Uncle Geoff.
 We were cracking up at Holden...he kept going in Luke's room so that he could get his GIANT bear and pull it out.  SO funny!!!  
Happy birthday sweet Luke!!

Valentine's Day and 8 1/2!!

We celebrated Hudson's half birthday and Valentine' together this year on Valentine's Day! The boys each got a few treats and traditional hearts with things that we love about them.  :)

 That night, we had a heart pizza for dinner and Hudson picked out a cookie dessert.

 He has been wanting to start a rock collection after learning about them in school, so he was pretty excited to open a rock kit!
How in the world this kid is 8 1/2 is beyond me!! The time seems to be accelerating at an alarming rate.  He makes me so proud every day to be his mom.  I think he teaches me as many lessons as I try to teach him.  I couldn't love him any more!!

Basketball...the final game!

Hudson played basketball again this winter with some friends from school.  I remembered to take my camera the final game, February 12th.  Most of them turned out blurry...these boys are FAST!!  Here are just a few to document his last game of the season.  
Throwing in...

 We bribed Holden each game with a warm pretzel.  :)  Yes, we are those parents!!

Hudson really enjoys basketball, but is VERY excited that soccer is about to start back up!

Class Valentine Party

Hudson's class Valentine party was February 12th.  They had fun passing out their cards, eating treats, and making a fun craft.

 A regular picture and of course a crazy picture of his class!  :)
 As we were leaving, we spotted Hudson's 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Williams in the hall.  So far, she is his absolute favorite teacher, so I had to snap a pic!  :)

All That Jazz!!!

 Hudson's school musical was on February 9th.  He tried out for a speaking part and was beyond excited that he got one!  I must say, he looked quite dapper all dressed up!! :)

 So shy walking in...
 We couldn't see much of him during the songs because the girl in front of him had a giant feather on her headband!!
 Passing the microphone back and forth saying his lines.  He did GREAT!!!

 Pics with some of his friends after the performance.
 Hudson with his music teacher, Mrs. Saudress.
 One more pic with his friend Peyton before heading home.  
We couldn't be more proud of him!!