Friday, October 29, 2010

Noni's Little Fireman

Every year, Hudson and I head to Noni's office for their annual Halloween Trick-or-Treating and pizza party. Hudson really "got" what was going on this year and was so excited!! He was a very serious Fireman when he went to each office...he put a lot of thought into which piece of candy he wanted and then gave a really quiet thank you when he was done. This fireman meant business today!

OH, how I love this sweet face!!!

One Last Pumpkin Patch

This past Wednesday we went to our last pumpkin patch of the season with Colleen and her two kids, Reid, and Adalyn. The older boys DID NOT want their pictures taken...can you tell??
The bounce houses were a huge hit!
We asked them to show us their funny faces...hmm...
Hudson didn't want to go down the slide by himself, so he made friends with this precious little girl who went down with him several times.
Look at this face! A little scared, but SO HAPPY once he was down. He immediately wanted to go again and his new little friend happily went with him!

These pumpkins were a little bit too heavy to pick up, but Hudson wasn't afraid to try!
Such a great pumpkin patch! Till next year pumpkins...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hudson hearts A Little Artsy!

Hudson loves all things art. So, a few months ago when my friend Jessica told me about A Little Artsy, I knew that this would be right up Hudson's alley. I set up a little class for him to go to this morning and it did not disappoint! This is definitely something we will do several times a year!
The first art project was painting a pumpkin.
He was concentrating so hard the entire time, so he looks really serious in these pics!
The second project was a spooky tree. I had to draw a tree with some sort of white thing (you can tell I'm seriously artistic huh?) and then he was supposed to paint over it and the tree would pop out. Very cool!
Next up was using these dobbers. Afterwards he said this was his favorite part. I think Santa might need to put some of these in his stocking! :)
The teacher asked him to tell her what his picture was so she could name it and he called it "Circles and Trees" cute is that?!?
His three finished projects!
The kiddos got suckers for doing so well.
Hudson, Avery, Ellie, and baby Greyson
When I put Hudson in the car I told him his tongue was blue. He asked me to take a picture so he could see it. NUT!
Thanks A Little Artsy...we will be back!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Owens Farm

Today we went to Owens Farm with some of our MOPS group. This is the third year we have gone and Hudson LOVED it like he always does...SUCH a fun place!
It took a lot of convincing, but he finally posed for this picture.
He was a little unsure of the goats this year. He only wanted to feed the babies, but it is a little tricky with the big, pushy ones around. He finally started dropping the food on the side.
He absolutely LOVED running through the maze this year!

We spent a LONG time looking at the chickens and roosters. Hudson even asked to go back to look at them once we had left, which is funny because he was terrified of the chickens at the Arboretum!

Goofball! This is definitely a Fall tradition that we will continue!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Head

A week ago we made our first trip to the Arboretum. This is definitely an October tradition...Hudson's first trip was when he was 2 months old! This year he was all about putting the pumpkins on his head. Who knows where he gets this stuff?!?
This face cracks me would think the pumpkin weighed 50 pounds...HA!
My little pumpkin head!
Avery decided she would join in the fun...
Then Stone...

It was a great first trip this year with several more trips planned!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My birthday is at the end of September and it was great this year! I spent the weekend before shopping with family, the actual day with some friends and then that night with Kelly and Hudson. Then, I went to a fun lunch the following Sunday with some of my besties, and then another fun dinner the following Monday with some more of my besties. I kept joking that it was the best "extended" birthday ever because it just kept going. Little did I know, it wasn't over yet. My sweet hubby threw a surprise party for me this past Saturday and I walked in from shopping to a house full of friends and family. It was the best surprise ever! The best part was that it was OU/TX so everyone was decked out in their gear and we watched the game while the kids played and played and played. OU was so sweet too...they won the game for my birthday. Wasn't that nice of them?!? :)
Walked in to see this on the other side of the dining room!
The weather was perfect and many of us stayed outside to watch the game!
The annual OU/TX game shot of Kelly and my Dad. (Kelly wasn't smiling like this at the end of the game!)
At half time, all the kids took turns blowing out the candles. It was precious!
I didn't have the camera out until later in the day, so I missed getting pictures of everyone there, but I did manage to snag a few.
Kara, Dena, Cara
Leslie, Dena, Aurora
The best husband in the world!
Hudson sporting his TX shirt now. He had to switch shirts after his nap. Poor thing...he's going to be so confused!

As you can see, we celebrated until dark. It was the best day and I am so thankful for all of my friends and family that were able to help celebrate!! Love you all!! :)