Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple things...

OK, I always say this and I know that many of you do too, but SERIOUSLY, why do we even buy toys?? I got home from the grocery store today and as I was putting up the groceries, Hudson happily played with a colander and a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. This went on for at least 20 minutes. I finished putting up the groceries and just sat and watched him play until it was time for his nap. Don't you just love the simple things??
He was talking to the baby looking back at him in the trashcan!!
The colander and the coupon...who needs toys??

Happy Boy!

I admit...I put it on his started a very fun game! :)
Silly Mommy!
I hope we can always cherish the simple things in life!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pillow anyone?

Earlier this week I went to check on Hudson during his nap and found this:
He was using his bumper as a was so cute that I had to take a picture! (Of course the camera woke him up ~ oops!)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Splish Splash!!

This afternoon we took Hudson to Celebration park to their splash park. Hudson LOVED it!! I'm not sure what he loved more...the water or all of the kids that were running around. His head was on a swivel the entire time we were there...he was so busy watching all of the other kiddos! :)
Hudson and Daddy (and...a little boy that kept trying to sneak into our pictures!)
Reaching for the water.

Here he is calling the water to him!! It was so cute to watch!
Hudson and Noni in the shade.
Getting ready to this a happy boy or what? I think we will be making many more trips to the splash park in the near future! :)

Fun with Friends!

Last Monday, we had playgroup over here and I decided it would be fun to let the boys play in baby pools. The mommies had grand ideas of putting all the boys in one pool and getting a cute picture. Ha! The boys had other ideas! It was so much fun watching them play. Here is the "group shot" of the boys in the pool: Around the pool: Quinn, Reid, Porter, Tanner In the pool: Hudson and Chapman
Hudson happily played in the pool the entire time! :)
This Saturday some of Hudson's friends had their 1st birthday parties. I can hardly believe a little over a year ago I was at Kara and Colleen's baby showers waiting for their little ones to arrive! We went to Reid's birthday party first and this is the best shot we could get of the boys!

Reid and Hudson

After Reid's party, we headed to Tanner's party. Hudson did great "party hopping", but boy was he tired by the time we got home!

Some of the playgroup at the party: Meredith and Reid, Kara and Tanner, Brittney and Quinn, Mommy and Hudson (Hudson was more interested in his lei!)
Daddy and Hudson, Shane and Tanner

Sunday, July 13, 2008

11 Months!!

Hudson is 11 months old today and all I can think is where has the time gone?? I cannot believe that in a month he will be one! That is absolutely crazy! This past month has been a busy one...well, Hudson has been a busy one!! He is everywhere these days. He loves crawling around and exploring. He especially loves exploring places that he shouldn't and then getting mad when mommy pulls him away ~ fun, fun! He finally said MaMa this month...yippee!!! Saying DaDa only was giving Kelly too much pleasure...ha! He also is waving bye-bye and actually said bye-bye for the first time today. Too cute! He is slowly but surely starting to chew his food ~ that is definitely something we are working on. He would prefer to swallow food whole which makes for lots of gagging at meal time. He has his two top teeth and two bottom teeth and two more top ones are almost through. I think teething is the only stage I wish would hurry up and is so hard on the little guy. :( Every other stage is so new and fun and I am trying to cherish them all since they pass so quickly. Oh how I love him!!
The pictures this month by his pillow didn't go so well. As I said above, he is BUSY and didn't have time to waste sitting next to a pillow...he had toys to play with! The minute I would sit him down, he was off! Here is the first try...

Second try...

I finally gave up and thought I would try sitting him on a chair next to his pillow with a you can see, that didn't work either!
This is the only picture I got of him sitting up...oh well!
I have been wanting to get Hudson's picture taken in his bathing suit for a few months now. So, after receiving a great coupon last week I scheduled an appointment for Saturday. Kelly and I took him and here are a few of the funny shots they got. They actually had a beach scene (a little cheesy I know), but we thought it would be cute. He didn't like the sand at all, so we ended up putting him in a little chair for most of the pictures. Here are a few we got...
I just love this cracks me up!

Our funny little guy!
Sweet baby!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crawling Fun

When we got back from the lake today, Kelly was playing with Hudson while I was unpacking and he called me to come see what Hudson was doing. I rounded the corner to find that he had crawled into the bottom of his exersaucer! He was having the best time too! :) Who knew that being under the exersaucer was just as fun as sitting in it and playing with all of the fun toys?
Look at me!
What's up here?
I think I've had enough.
Here I come...
Enough of that for the day! Whew...this crawling is fun stuff!

4th of July

On Thursday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed to Lake Texoma to spend the 4th with family and some dear family friends at the cabin. We got there just in time for Hudson to eat dinner, play with Paw-Paw, Nana, Uncle Skip, Aunt Janet, and Nathan, and then go to bed. Aunt Shani and Uncle Geoff arrived later that evening and were just able to peek at Hudson while he was sleeping. We woke up the next day, ready to get out on the water and celebrate the 4th with the other thousands of people at the lake. By the time we got sandwiches made, everything loaded up, and got set up on the sandy beach it was time for Hudson's nap and he let us know about it. So...back to the cabin Kelly, Hudson and I went. By the time he woke up, it was raining really hard, so we weren't able to go back out on the water that day. We ended up watching fireworks on TV that night because Hudson was snoozing away. He didn't even wake up at the locals setting off fireworks!
Hudson snoozing with George.
The next morning Nana and I were playing with Hudson when he made his first bug discovery...a roly poly! He didn't hesitate picking it up and then he promptly tried to eat it!!! We kept having to take the roly poly out of his hands and put it back down. It was hilarious! We finally had to save the roly poly by taking him outside to set him free.
Hudson with his new roly poly friend.
We finally made it out on the water for a few hours on Saturday. Hudson splashed in the water, played in his blow up toy crab, and played in the sand. He didn't quite know what to make of the sand when it would stick to his hand. He made funny faces and would hold out his hand and just look at me and then at his hand until I would wash it off. Too cute!
Hudson and Paw-Paw on the boat.
Playing with his toys in the sand.

It was a wonderful 4th of July and another wonderful weekend at the lake. We can't wait to go back in a few weeks!