Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1st day of 1st grade!!

August 25th was Hudson's first day of 1st grade!!  He woke up ready to go.  He did confess that he was a little nervous.  When I asked why, he said he was worried his teacher wouldn't be as nice as his teacher last year.  Mrs. Williams has BIG shoes to fill!  
 He was ready early and indulged me in a lot of pictures!  His first pose was his idea...holding up number 1's for first grade.  :)

My BIG boy ready to go!  
Here is a side story...we'll never forget the first week of 1st grade because poor Hudson stepped in an ant pile the Saturday before school started.  Needless to say, his ankles swelled up and he had giant blisters all over his feet.  Poor thing couldn't even get tennis shoes on.  So, the very first day we had to stop by Nurse Kim's office before heading to class to drop off some Benadryl cream.  She and his teacher were so sweet about it and took such good care of my boy.  Nurse Kim called me twice during the day to let me know that she put medicine on and iced his feet and his sweet teacher called after school to check on him.  Makes me feel so good about his school...they truly care about the kids and take such good care of him!!  

Somebody LOVES his bath!!

Holden has really started LOVING bath time lately.  I think he would stay in it for an hour if I let him!!  He kicks his legs and waves his arms the entire time he is in there.  We had to move his little bath to our bathtub a few weeks ago because he splashes so much our entire kitchen was getting soaked!  It is TOO CUTE!!

Happy, happy boy!

Meet the Teacher...1st grade!!!

 Hudson had meet the teacher on Thursday, August 21st.  We of course had to stop by and see his amazing Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bray before heading down to the first grade hall.  :)
 Here he is with his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Williams.  We have heard wonderful things about her and can't wait to see what this year holds!!  :)

Everybody in the POOL!

This year Hudson wanted his party at our neighborhood swimming pool.  We had to bend the rules a little because technically each family can only have 5 guests per pool card.  He was ADAMANT that his party be there though, so after borrowing some neighbors pool keys and having a smaller than usual guest list, the party was planned!  Instead of doing cake or cupcakes this year, I had these DARLING cookies made.  They were so.stinkin'.cute!!!! 
 As friends arrived, they could get a water squirter to play with and eventually take home.  These were a HIT!  (I forgot to get a picture of these at the beginning of the party...oops!)
Another fun favor were these freezer ice Popsicles that I put together and stuck in buckets on the tables.  

 Paw-Paw and Holden enjoyed the party in the shade.  Holden even decided that Paw-Paw's hand made a good pacifier.  :)
 We were so happy that Aunt Fern could be there too!
 A few pics of the kids having fun.
 Notice that Daddy and Uncle Geoff have water squirters.  :)

 A little action shot of some of the boys jumping in the pool.  Love it!
 Hudson and Peyton posing.
 Holden decided to take a nap on Noni half way through the party.  Sweet boy!
 Luke got in some pool fun with his Daddy.

 The kids enjoyed pizza and cookies.

 We had a hard time getting Hudson's candle to stay lit with the wind, but he was a trooper!
 Family picture at the end of the party.  Poor Holden had a massive blowout, so he was a diaper baby for a few minutes.
 Hudson with his friend Peyton just before leaving.
 When we got home, Hudson was ready to open his presents and spend a little time with family.  :)

 Can you tell he likes How to Train Your Dragon??  :)

Holden's baptism

We decided to have Holden baptized the same weekend as Hudson's party since everyone would be in town and because I wanted Holden to wear the same outfit that Hudson wore for his and it was the right month.  :)  So, Sunday, August 17th we stood at the front of church with our entire family to dedicate him to Christ.  :)

After the service, I made lunch for everyone before they all had to head back to Oklahoma.  Here is the beautiful cake we had for Holden's special day: 

 Sweet boy sitting by his cake.

 Poor Holden...this is what happens when you have a big brother.  Hudson asked to take a silly picture after their cute one.

 Happy boy playing with Aunt Fern before everyone headed out.
We were so blessed to have our entire family here to help us celebrate both of our boys!!