Monday, May 12, 2014

Bath time!

Holden still isn't too sure of his bath, but he doesn't scream the whole time anymore either.  He just looks concerned most of the time!

 His favorite part is definitely getting out of the tub and snuggling up in a towel. :)

Wedding Weekend

 This past weekend we headed to Austin for Kelly's nephew's wedding.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!  Here are Marcus and Lizzie saying their vows.
The new Mr. and Mrs.  :)
 Seriously breathtaking!  I just had to snap a picture after everyone had filed out.
 Holden spent the entire ceremony and most of the reception asleep.  Sweet baby.
 I asked Tara to take a picture of Kelly and I and she said she needed to take another one.  I wonder why...Todd the photo bomber!
 Hudson did NOT want his picture taken, can you tell?
 He was ALL smiles after being attacked by Aunt Tara and Uncle Todd though.  
So glad we could be there to celebrate Marcus and Lizzie!

Meet Shaggy

Friday, May 9th, the Kindergartners were supposed to choose a cartoon/movie character to dress up as for school.  Without hesitation, Hudson said he wanted to dress up like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.  Yes, I finally gave in a few months ago and let him watch Scooby Doo...needless to say the boy is obsessed.  I have to say, he looked pretty cute with his drawn on whiskers and messy hair.  :)

Sleeping on Daddy

Last week I caught Daddy and Holden snoozing together on the couch and just had to run and get the camera.  Why is it that Daddy is always the one caught asleep with the little ones?  :)
 He was sleeping hard.