Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oklahoma Christmas

We celebrated Christmas in Oklahoma the Saturday after Christmas.  Everyone came over to Paw-Paw and Nana's house bright and early in their jammies.  Aunt Shani had been working on a big surprise for Hudson and could hardly wait for him to open it.  Well, see it might be the more appropriate term.  It was so big, she had to hang it from a light fixture in Paw-Paw and Nana's bedroom.  We all went in the bedroom so we could see Hudson's reaction when he walked in.  Here he is walking towards it while carrying the giant Angry Bird pillow that she made him.  Have I mentioned how amazing she is?!?
 Hugging Aunt Shani...did I say she's amazing yet?!?  Ha!!
 Yes, she made this giant tent that hangs from the ceiling and is complete with a bean bag underneath.  He and Nana immediately got in to play.  :)
 After that, we did our annual gift exchange and Hudson had more presents to open.
 Posing with Paw-Paw and Nana and the gifts he bought them at the Santa Shop...a candle for Nana and a picture frame key chain for Paw-Paw.
 Later that afternoon, the boys went outside to play with remote control cars that Hudson received from Mamaw and have races.  Here are Uncle Todd, Uncle Geoffrey, and Hudson racing down the driveway.

Paw-Paw and Hudson spent a lot of time playing with his new Marble Run.  Paw-Paw ROCKS at this!! Mommy has struggled a little bit making it "as cool as Paw-Paw" since we've been home.  The box says for ages 4+...hmm...
We had an amazing Christmas both at home and in Oklahoma and feel very blessed!  Here's to a fabulous 2014!!


It was another amazing Christmas this year!  I was a little nervous as to how the day would go since Hudson went to bed so late, but he was so excited about everything that the day was just perfect!  Here he is walking out in his new jammies and glancing to see if Santa and the reindeer ate their goodies.   
 Happily posing in front of the tree.  :)
 We literally had to convince him to open his stocking.  He wanted us to go first. Sweet boy! 
As soon as he was done with his stocking, he could hardly wait to have us open the gift he made us at school and the gifts he bought at the Santa Shop.  I love that he already loves to give as much as to receive!!  (Excuse the early morning pics...yikes!)
 Opening up one of the things that he had been asking for...a Crayola Melt and Mold.  He was ecstatic!  

 So proud of the gifts he bought us.  An ornament for Daddy that said "Dad Rocks" on it and a snow globe for me.  Sweet boy!
 When we were done opening gifts, it was time for breakfast.  This year, I made a cinnamon roll Christmas Tree.
 We also had fruit candy canes to go with our tree.  :)
I didn't take any pictures the rest of the day...just sat back and enjoyed the time with Kelly, Hudson, and Noni.  We played with every new toy, watched a Christmas movie, and had a fabulous Christmas dinner.  It was a magical day!

Christmas Eve

We had a super late Christmas Eve this year, but still managed to do everything we normally do.  We started out the night by going to church, then headed to Poppy's house to celebrate with Kelly's side of the family.  Sadly, I had a migraine come on after being there for less than an hour, so I didn't get any pictures.  :(  We didn't get home until almost midnight.  Needless to say, Hudson was so tired that at first he didn't even want to do our yearly tradition of opening up a gift from us.  We convinced him that it could be fast, so then he was ready...

 He was so excited to open up Angry Bird pj's!

 Then, he was even more excited to open Angry Bird house shoes.  I love that he gets so excited about the little things.  :)
 After opening his pj's and house shoes, we set out our plate for Santa.  Hudson had decided earlier in the week that Santa probably got tired of cookies, so he helped find something different and was sold when he saw these Santa Hat Brownies.  I think Santa really enjoyed them!  :)
After setting out the plate, our tired little man crawled into bed and was probably asleep in less than 15 seconds!  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Adventures of Haddy!

Haddy came back to our house the day after Thanksgiving and even flew all the way to Oklahoma when we went that day.  I didn't get any pictures of his adventures while we were there.  Oops!  Here are his adventures once we were home though...

Christmas Eve we found him here...looking out the window.  We immediately decided he was waiting for Santa to come pick him up that night! This is such a fun tradition.  Hudson loves running around the house looking for him each morning and then giving us a report. :)

Class Christmas Party

Hudson's class Christmas party was Friday, December 20th and being Room Mom, I was in charge of the party.  It went QUICK because it was an early release day, so we only had 30 minutes to do the party.  We started by making a snowman ornament, then their favorite...snack time.
 After their snack, they did a book exchange.  They sat in a circle and had to pass their wrapped books around while I read a Christmas book.  Each time I said the word Christmas, they had to pass.

 Hudson with his sweet class.  :)
The best part was the fact that it was an early release day and we were allowed to take our kids early if we wanted.  His class was going to recess, so he asked if he could stay for that.  His sweet teacher said I could come out with her because she had recess duty, so we got to chat and I got to see my sweet boy playing with his friends.  Then, we got to leave and go have lunch together and start our Christmas break early!!