Sunday, October 26, 2008


This afternoon Kelly "needed" to go to Bass Pro Shop. After several (not fun) trips to that place, Noni and I decided to stay at home and take Hudson to the neighborhood park instead. We discovered that Hudson LOVES going down the slide. We took turns going down with him over and over. He would belly laugh the whole way down. It was too cute and too much fun!
Ready, set, GO!

When it was time to go, I started to put Hudson back into the stroller and he was not happy about that. So, Noni quickly assured him that she would be more than happy to carry him back to the house. I assured her that wasn't necessary, but she already had him in her arms and was on her way. :) Half way home her dog decided he didn't want to walk anymore, so into the stroller he went. We were quite a sight walking down the street!! I was pushing the 5 pound dog in the stroller as she and Hudson were walking ahead...we got a few stares! :)Hudson, Noni, and Coco on the way home. Pitiful isn't it??

Sweet Friends

I can't believe I forgot to post these pictures last week because they are just so stinkin' cute!! Hudson loves all of his friends and here are just a few pictures to show how much! :)
Hudson and Griffin

Colton and Hudson

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Photo Shoot!

This past Monday we went to playgroup at Amy's. We all brought the boys' Halloween costumes with the intent on taking a group picture. I have to admit we were very nervous about the picture since these normally don't go so well and I was even more nervous about putting Hudson in his puppy costume. Anyone that has ever seen him get dressed or undressed gets that! So, we bravely put their costumes on and headed outside for their photo shoot.
Hudson, Sutton, Chapman
Landon as Elvis, Hudson as a puppy, Sutton as a dragon, Chapman as a lion, Reid as a cowboy, Porter as a monkey, Tanner as a puppy
This is the only picture I got of the entire group. We kept saying that Elvis was leaving the building! :)
Elvis had made his escape and one puppy and a monkey were making their way out.

Hudson and Chapman decided they were done with their Halloween photo shoot. All of the mommies were so proud...that was probably the smoothest group picture we have ever attempted. I'm convinced it was because we were outside. They all looked so precious in their Halloween costumes. Hudson was happy to get his puppy costume off...we'll see if we are able to get him in it again this year! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere!

I absolutely love this time of year! One of my favorite things is when you can wear jeans outside and you don't get hot...I know that is cheesy, but hey, it makes me happy! Anyway, now that Hudson is here another one of my favorite things is going to pumpkin patches and attempting to get some cute Fall pictures. Last Friday we went to Owens Farm with 5 other mommies and their boys. It was such a fun time because not only did we get to see a ton of pumpkins, but we got to go on a hayride which Hudson LOVED, got to pet goats which Hudson HATED, and got to spend fun times with friends.
Right before the hayride. Hudson, Landon, Tanner, Chapman, Sutton, and Reid
Hudson was cracking me up...he kept sitting with his legs crossed. He never has done that before and it was hilarious!!! I think he just didn't like the way the hay felt on his legs, but man was it cute!
Hudson and Tanner playing with the hay.
My little monkey climbing, yes climbing. Should I start to worry??
OK, when Hudson first stood at the fence and saw all of the goats he was so excited and had the biggest smile on his face. THEN, one of the goats licked him. He immediately pulled his hands back, sat down, and started crying. Poor little guy!
He was obsessed with the stems of the pumpkins.

On Wednesday we decided to head to see the pumpkins at the Arboretum with Melissa and Colton and Jessica and Stone. It was sunny and hot when we left and was cloudy when we arrived. Little did we know what we were in for...
Sweet Colton playing with the pumpkins.
Stone lounging with the pumpkins.
I could tell immediately that Hudson was not very excited about the pumpkin patch. So, Melissa let him play with some of Colton's trucks so I could attempt to get some pictures. Doesn't he look like he is about to tell me to go away??

The meltdown was beginning...
It was official...Hudson and "George" had really had enough! So I scooped him up and this is the only Mommy & Hudson picture that he was up for.
Since Hudson was in no mood for pictures we decided that the boys needed to eat. So, we spread some blankets out and began to have a picnic lunch. It was sprinkling at this point, but we figured we had time to finish eating before heading back to the car. That is when the sky opened up and it started POURING!!! We quickly put the boys in their strollers, threw blankets on top of them and went flying through the Arboretum.
OK, so while we were practically flying for cover I had to stop and take a quick picture of Hudson trying to figure out what was going on. You can see the raindrops on his jeans if you look closely.
We finally reached the entrance as the rain was starting to die down. Melissa, Jessica, and I were cracking up. We literally looked like we had jumped in a pool with all of our clothes on. It was quite an experience and it couldn't have been more fun!

14 Months!

Well, gone are the days of taking Hudson's monthly pictures by his Hudson pillow. I realized I didn't even do a post for 13 months...oops! I have decided that for each month I will now post some pictures of Hudson doing one of his favorite things. This month his favorite thing is definitely walking with toys. He has several push toys, but loves walking behind, in front of, or beside anything with wheels and sometimes anything without wheels. Here he is with one of his favs:

Couldn't you just eat him up? My sweet friend Melissa made a comment on Monday. She told me that his smile just lights up a room. I couldn't agree can't help but smile when he smiles. His little personality is coming through more and more and he loves to put up a fight, but when he smiles and laughs it makes your heart melt. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

House Divided

Poor Hudson is growing up in a "house divided". He's got me (and my entire family) who are OU fans and Kelly is a die hard UT fan. This makes for some really fun rivalry and probably one really confused boy. We went to an annual OU/TX party this past weekend and Hudson started out the day in his OU gear and then changed into his UT gear after halftime. One day he will get to choose what he wears and will leave one of us devastated!!
Doesn't he look cute in his OU shirt playing with the OU football?? :)
House Divided picture
Hudson had such a good time playing with some of the other kiddos at the party, but soon became ready for a nap. We took the Pack N Play hoping that he would take a nap there, but no such luck. He put up one really big fight and decided he was not going to sleep while everyone else was up enjoying the game. So, he fought through the rest of the party and did something he NEVER does...fell asleep in the car on the way home...
Once we got home we realized that he hadn't had a picture with Daddy yet. He even left his hat on for a second to take some pictures. Kelly wasn't gloating about the UT win or anything!!! (Next year Sooner fans...)

Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Toy & Ice can you go wrong?

This past weekend was full of a little adventure and a lot of fun. Aunt Shani came down Thursday night. After running a lot of errands Friday morning, we decided to play all afternoon with Hudson. We had been outside playing for about 30 minutes and decided it was just too hot. When we went to open the back door, we discovered that somehow the back door had locked on its own. So here we without shoes on, Hudson wanting to go inside, no cell get the idea. We went over to our sweet neighbors and realized that we were going to have to call a locksmith since Kelly wouldn't be home for about 3 hours. While over at our neighbors they got out an old push toy for Hudson to walk behind. He loved it so much they let us bring it home since they don't use it anymore. So sweet! The locksmith finally arrived and literally used a credit card to open the back door!!!!! It took about 2 seconds and $95 and we were in the house. Yes, we should all become locksmiths!!! Hudson playing with his borrowed toy. (He was stuck at this point!)
Taking a break to play with Daddy's blackberry.
Late Friday night Nana arrived for the weekend and Saturday evening we went to dinner to celebrate her birthday. The next picture was hilarious. Everyone literally said, "Hudson, smile at the camera" and this is the result:
Was he hamming it up or what??
Helping Nana finish the yummy ice cream desert.
Any guesses on who dressed Hudson this day??? We'll see what he is wearing this next Saturday on game day!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cold, Cold, Go Away!

Doesn't this face say it all? Hudson developed ANOTHER cold this past week...poor baby. :( Is it too soon to wish for cold season to be over already??