Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sea World 2015

We headed to San Antonio for our annual trip with Noni on July 12th.  Our first night, we went down to the River Walk and had dinner at Casa Rio.  Holden had his first lemon while we were waiting for our dinner.  :)

 Hudson caught in a rare moment of being sweet to his brother.  Ha!  :)

 Walking around the River Walk after dinner.
 The next morning we went to Sea World and got to cross something BIG off of Hudson's bucket list.  He has been wanting to get in the water with the beluga whales for YEARS, but had to wait until he was 7 and 48" tall, so this was FINALLY his year!!  It was an early birthday present from us and Noni and I'm not sure we'll be able to top it!!  Here he is in his wet suit getting instructions.
 One of the beluga whales was playing with a towel while they waited.  So cute!

 The trainer told them the water would be cold because they keep it the same temperature as the Arctic, but Hudson's face said it all!!!!  I didn't think he was going to be able to get in the rest of the way!
 Holden enjoyed watching the whales for a while, but he struggled after that.  It was nap time and he had a hard time.  :(

 Hudson meeting Charlie, the beluga whale.

 Feeding Charlie.

 How sweet is this???  He was SO HAPPY!!!

 They got to do a lot of signals with Charlie.

 At the end, Charlie got to splash them!  It was SUCH  a neat experience!!!  
 Holden finally fell asleep in his stroller after that.  Poor guy had a rough day, but did the best he could in the heat.
 Our family at the end of the day.  :)
 The next day, Kelly, Hudson and I went to Aquatica while Noni and Holden stayed at the hotel.  Everyone had a good day!  That night we went to another one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, La Margarita.  
 My boys walking to the restaurant and cooling off while waiting for our table.
 Hudson was impressed with his adult plate of flautas.  He ate EVERY bite too!

 This cutie loved his dinner too!

 Hudson with Noni and Mommy.
 Holden loved chasing the birds away as we headed back to the car.
It was another wonderful trip to San Antonio.  Hudson is already looking forward to next year and now wants to swim with either the sea lions or the dolphins.  We have created a monster!

Soccer Party Fun!

Hudson's Spring soccer season was crazy.  They hardly played any games with all of the rain we had...I think they only played 3 games!!  But, the boys still deserved a fun party and we finally had it on July 8th.  Several of the boys on the team live in a neighborhood across from ours that has a really fun pool and clubhouse. So, we rented the clubhouse, ate hot dogs, cookies, and the boys swam and went down the big slides OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!  They had a blast!!
 My big boy going down the slide.  :)

Coach Matt, Coach Dirk, Coach Kelly
Cooper, Zachary, Caleb, Jordan, Hudson, and Greysen
 Three of the boys had already left by the time we got around to taking a team picture.  But, here are the rest of them with their awesome coaches.  (The one on the right is my favorite!)
The entire team is staying together again next season where they are SO excited to finally have a goalie!  Here's to a lot more soccer in 2015!