Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Noni, sit"

OK, so I posted earlier in the month how Hudson asks me to sit in his crib with him when he wakes up from a nap. Well, it has now progressed to asking me to sit in the morning also. Noni came over this weekend and guess what??? Hudson asked her to sit. What is a Noni to do?? :)

Jump Around, Jump Around...

This past Friday we met Colleen & Reid at Jump for Fun in Southlake. It was the perfect activity for a HOT summer day. The boys weren't too sure of the bounce houses at first, but once the mommies got in to show them what it was all about, there was no stopping them!
Climbing the slide...
Reid's turn...
Hudson had no fear towards the end...he even braved these giant bounce houses!!

Poor Elmo...he kept beating him up.

Our attempt at a "posed" shot of the boys. We grabbed lunch after the bounce houses and the boys were very into "dancing" which was more shaking their heads back and forth.
Turn this way...

Turn that way...
Thanks Colleen & was such a fun morning jumping around with you two! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cake Face

Hudson and I went to the bakery yesterday to order his birthday cake. We ended up being there over 30 minutes because there were other people there ordering as well. I was very impressed with my little man...he handled the wait very well and just kept pointing around to the cakes and saying "cake please" over and over. So, when I got ready to pay for his cake I ordered him a cake ball for being such a good boy while we waited. OH MY...I gave it to him to eat on the way home and this is what I saw when I opened the car door!!!

Must have been yummy! :)

A boy, a boat, and his Paw-Paw

Last weekend while Kelly went out of town, Hudson and I joined Paw-Paw and Nana for a quick weekend at the lake. Hudson's favorite spot for the weekend you ask? Driving the boat with Paw-Paw of course!

Paw-Paw swears that Hudson said "Faster Paw-Paw!" Hmm..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Preview!

I took Hudson to have his pictures taken yesterday for his birthday card. These are a few of my favorites. Can you guess the theme this year? :)
They handed him this random guitar (not the theme) and this picture just cracked me up. He looks like he is stomping his foot!

I can't believe I'm sending out invites for another birthday...time flies!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

23 Months

Hudson is 23 months old today. I can't believe in one short month he will be 2! C.R.A.Z.Y.!!! I decided to do a list of cute things he is doing at this stage in his life so I'll always remember.
  1. He no longer says Mama...I am now Mommy and it melts my heart!
  2. When he wants to be picked up he says "hold you" instead of "hold me". LOVE IT!
  3. He sounds like he has a French accent when he says words that end in er. For example, the word paper sounds like pa-pear. It cracks us up!
  4. He loves dancing, but mostly spins around in circles, gets dizzy and falls down. Nut!
  5. He thinks when it is time to get dressed it is actually time to play chase. He runs screaming and laughing around the house.
  6. Cleaning continues to be one of his favorite things...his broom is probably his favorite toy.
  7. He INSISTS on looking at the flowers in the flower beds EVERY time we arrive home from somewhere.
  8. He now asks to be "tickled" while he is being rocked. This isn't the make you laugh tickle, but the soft, put you to sleep kind. He is definitely his mommy's son!
  9. He now pretends to be asleep. He will be playing and all of the sudden say "nigh nigh" and throw himself on the floor, shut his eyes, and pretend to snore.
  10. This is by far one of my favorites...go to the end to read and "see" #10...
Some pics today by the pool. There were LOTS of kids there and he was very serious today.
OK, now for #10...the cutest thing EVER that he does now...when I go in to get him from his nap he says, "Mommy, sit" and pats his bed. So, every once in a while I climb in his bed and we talk and sing until he is ready to get out. Oh, how I LOVE this boy!!!

Fun Filled Weekend

Whew! We had such a busy, FUN weekend. We started out Friday night by going to celebrate Tanner and Landon's birthdays at their party. It was a carnival theme and was DARLING!!! I forgot my camera, but Hudson had an absolute blast! Then Saturday evening we headed to the Stock family's house for a BBQ. They had lots of outdoor activities for all the little ones running around and again, Hudson was in heaven. He of course, loved the water as always!

He also loved Sutton's swing set. Tanner and Hudson kept Daddy busy pushing them for a while!
Sunday afternoon we headed out to visit Granny. Hudson's favorite activity while we were there was dumping candy from her candy dish and then putting it back in. Oh the joys of an almost two year old!
Granny, Uncle Todd, Hudson, and Daddy
Needless to say, baby boy was TIRED...he was up until almost 9:00 both nights which is WAY past his bedtime. He decided to make up for it by sleeping in until 8:30 today...NICE! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lake Texoma for the 4th

We had planned on going to the lake with the family for the 4th and even though Hudson was still recovering from being sick we decided to head on out. We decided he could be at home recovering with just the two of us, or he could be at the cabin with more helping hands and that idea definitely won out! :) He was better on Friday, but was really back to himself on Saturday which was great! Nana let all of us go out and enjoy the lake while she stayed with Hudson for the morning and during his nap and then we would get them in the afternoon for some fun. It was perfect!
Hudson arriving to the sandy beach with Paw-Paw and Nana.
Practicing driving the Sea Doo with Aunt Shani. Sorry will be a few years before you can go out on it.
Building a sand castle with Todd.
A quick pose with Mommy and Daddy.
Practicing "swimming".
Helping Paw-Paw drive the boat. Check out that wind blown hair!!
Saturday night we decided to shoot off a few small fireworks in front of the cabin for Hudson to see since he couldn't stay up late enough to see the big show that the lake puts on. It took me right back to being a kid...we did the same thing every 4th growing up.
This was his face when the fireworks went off...fireworks that didn't have sound that is.
This is the face when a firework went off that had a loud boom. He didn't care for it one bit! We didn't do anymore of these...poor baby.
Such a fun weekend...I love that Hudson will have a lot of the same memories that I have from growing up!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hand, Foot, Mouth (Bottom, Legs, Arms, Face...)

Oh my...what a DAY! Hudson woke up crying yesterday which is very strange for him...he normally wakes up chatting away and is extremely happy. I knew something was wrong immediately when I took off his jammies and began finding little red dots all over him. We were at his pediatrician's office by mid morning and found out he had the Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus. I'm not sure why it is called that because my poor baby has these red dots EVERYWHERE...even on his face and ears. They are the worst on his feet and in his mouth. So, needless to say we have had a ROUGH day today...lots and lots of crying mixed in with cuddling. He hasn't eaten in two days and I was pretty near tears before his bath tonight. However, true to Hudson style, he got in the tub and was a happy boy for a while. YEA!! I saw a smile for the first time today. I am hoping and praying that tomorrow is a better day and that he will try to eat something. Hudson is the second one in our playgroup to get this since last week and I hope he is the last because it is YUCKY!!!

You can see a few of the dots on his face. Poor baby! :(