Friday, April 24, 2009

Silly Boy!

Hudson was being particularly silly at lunch today. See for yourself! :)

Little nut!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Who needs a high chair when you have Nana & Paw-Paw?

This weekend Paw-Paw and Nana came for a visit. Hudson was so excited to wake up Saturday morning and discover they were here. They were chomping at the bit to get in and see him. We had such a nice, laid back was great! I had told them how much Hudson had enjoyed going to Rainforest Cafe a few weeks ago, so we decided to go there for dinner Saturday night. He wasn't as sure about the animals this time, but eventually warmed up. He was sitting half way on Paw-Paw's leg and half way on Nana's leg before the food came, so they decided to just keep him there for dinner. The boy was in heaven not sitting in his high chair and being in between them!

Check out that face...sucking on a lime!

Sunday morning Paw-Paw decided to take a look at our refrigerator door because it isn't closing correctly. Hudson definitely had to get in on the action.
Paw-Paw's little helper!
Thanks Nana and Paw-Paw for a great weekend! Uncle G (Hudson calls Uncle Geoff "G" for short...very cute!) it was great seeing you too in between the wedding festivities you attended.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Willow Bend Fun

Wednesday morning we went to Willowbend for some play area fun and lunch at Chick-fil-A with Melissa & Colton and Jessica & Stone. I think it is safe to say that the boys had a blast. Does everyone else love the kid area there as much??
Colton, Hudson, and Stone

Definitely up to no good!
Hudson was cracking us up because he kept wanting to hug Stone. This is a new one...he hasn't been much of a hugger. Very cute!

Taking a break.
I always say that Hudson and I rarely get pictures taken together because I am always the one behind the camera. Melissa got a few cute ones of us on this day though...thanks Melissa!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

20 Months

I'm not sure how it happened, but my "baby boy" is 20 months old as of yesterday. It is absolutely crazy to me how fast time goes by and how much he is changing. He is talking like crazy these days. My absolute favorite word he says is teeth and my favorite animal sound he makes is a goat. He loves talking and showing off around Kelly and I, but definitely doesn't like to show other people. He loves to give knuckles to everyone around...even when they don't know what knuckles are. He still likes someone to be next to him while he is playing. He has an independent spirit, but doesn't like to be alone and I will take it for now! I know one day he won't want me sitting on the floor next to him all day! :) For the child that hated being rocked early on, he requests it now before nap and before bed. It is so sweet and I cherish it every day because I never know how long one of these stages will last. He is always very interested in what we are doing and enjoys standing on a chair next to me in the kitchen when I am cooking and likes sitting on Kelly's lap when he is on the computer. He has one speed: FULL SPEED and doesn't ever slow down. His favorite thing continues to be playing outside. He would be outside all day if I let him. A close second to being outside is taking a bath. He STILL cries every night when we take him out. I'm beginning to think he might do this until he is 5!! He continues to be the light of my life and cracks me up on a daily basis.
I took pictures of him outside (of course!) for his 20 month pics:

I LOVE this little guy with is BIG smile! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun

The past two days were filled with non-stop Easter fun. We started off our Easter weekend at our church Eggstravaganza. Hudson had so much fun looking at the animals in the petting zoo, opening eggs at the egg hunt, playing in the ball pit, and eating a picnic lunch.

He loved "helping" Daddy fold up the blanket after our picnic lunch...

After the Eggstravagana, we headed home for a nap before leaving to go to the Helwig Family's house for an Easter Eve dinner and egg hunt. Hudson had such a good time playing with Griffin, Avery, and Gannon, and Hudson and Kelly and I had so much fun visiting with our friends.

The girls: Aurora, Holly, Leslie, Jaclyn, and Dena
Hudson and Gannon eating M & M's...big time hit!
It started raining and the kiddos really wanted to go back outside. Poor Avery cried and cried while Hudson and Griffin just stood looking sadly out the back door.
Happy, but tired boy ready to go home.
Hudson awoke Sunday morning to discover that the Easter Bunny came to visit...he was very interested in one particular gift...

Is that a lawnmower I see?? How did the Easter Bunny know??

Other than the lawnmower, the grass was the biggest hit of all. :)
After breakfast we headed to church to celebrate the true meaning of Easter.
Ready to go!
After lunch we dyed eggs...he got the hang of it really quickly.
Dropping the tablets in.
Posing with Noni while waiting for the tablets to dissolve.
These next few crack me up...trying to eat an egg...hmmm...don't try this at home kids!

Check out the concentration!

Since the ground outside was SOAKED from raining all night, we had an indoor egg hunt later in the day. Once Hudson realized that the eggs cracked when he dropped them he decided it would be a good idea to drop all of them. Good thing they were hard boiled!

What a wonderful two days full of fun, friends, and fellowship! We hope each of you had a blessed Easter!