Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He's Not a Baby Anymore...

If you ask Hudson if he is a baby, he will say, "No, I'm not a baby anymore." I couldn't say it better myself. My little boy is growing up faster and faster and it is showing in little things every day. (Did I mention that it is kind of sad too?) One of the big changes is in gymnastics. He has been in the Tiny Tots gymnastics class for 10 months now and last week he and our sweet friend Tanner were moved up to the next class. The MAJOR difference...the mommies don't rotate with them anymore...we sit in the stands and they go through the class all by themselves. Kara and I were so worried as to how they would do, but we shouldn't have worried at all. They have done GREAT the past two weeks. I took my camera today to document what they do in class. (Keep in mind that I was up in the stands and they were on the move, so the pics aren't that great.)
Part of circle time is doing tuck, pike, and straddle. Then, their "spiders" travel down to tickele their feet.
How cute are they walking with their bean bags on their heads?

Forward roll time!
One of their favorite activities has to be racing. Hudson normally gallops instead, so he is ALWAYS the last one. But, he is smiling the WHOLE time! :)
Hanging from the bar...
Jump, jump, jump!
Bear walks across the bars.
I think this activity would be flirting with Miss Amanda. Have I mentioned how much we LOVE Miss Amanda?!? She is WONDERFUL!
TA-DA! They just got their stickers and stamps and are all done!
Pretty cute...did you notice how Hudson and Tanner are near each other in almost every picture?? Such sweet friends! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Cute Stories

I have been meaning to write down two recent stories of Hudson before I forget them because one is precious and one cracks me up. The pictures have nothing to do with the stories, but I thought I would include them because they make me laugh too...for some reason Hudson has been LOVING getting under chairs lately?!? OK, so on with the stories...
Story # 1: Two weekends ago when we were in Oklahoma for my sister's couple shower I was about to leave and bent down to give Hudson a hug. (I had on a strapless dress...very important to this story!) Hudson wrapped his arms around me to say bye and jumped back, looking very alarmed and said, "Mommy, you don't have on any clothes!" It was PRICELESS!
Story #2: Hudson often wakes up and starts talking and singing to his "friends" (AKA: stuffed animals that sleep with him every night). It is often quite cute and I sometimes sit and listen for a few minutes before going in. Well, this Saturday Kelly and I woke up to Hudson singing. We both started smiling when we heard him singing Happy Birthday to Ralphie. Ralphie is a little stuffed dog that he now takes everywhere. We went in and he proudly announced that it was Ralphie's birthday. How cute is that? Mommy and Daddy were then instructed to sing to Ralphie and he even got to sit at the kitchen table for breakfast. I just LOVE his imagination!!

The Last "boy" Playdate

Every other Monday, Melissa, Jessica, and I get together for a playdate with our boys. It started out Colton, Hudson, and Stone until recently Melissa had her second baby boy, Brody. Jessica is scheduled to have her sweet baby girl Rowan on Wednesday, so when we got together today we realized this would be the last playdate of boys only!
Stone, Hudson, Colton, & Broday
I hope baby Rowan is ready for this bunch!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Written All Over His...SHIRT

The shirt that I got Hudson to wear on St. Patrick's Day says it all...#1 Mischief Maker, Dad's Lil' Hooligan. Yep, that about sums up my little man! The best part is that when Hudson asked if he could cut the tags off his shirt, he proceeded to make a little snip in the sleeves. Check out the right sleeve in this pic:

Now, check out the left sleeve:
#1 Mischief Maker? I believe so! I mean, look at THAT face!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Shower Time!

My sister is getting married in May and the showers have begun ~ YEA! I love showers...the planning, the attending, the gift giving...ALL of it! So, we traveled to Oklahoma this past weekend for her first shower, which was the couple shower. It was so fun and so special to get to experience it with my siter. I managed to get a few cute family pics during the shower and just had to share.
The future Mr. and Mrs. ~ aren't they cute?!?
My brother, sister, and I.
My brother and his precious girlfriend. I think they should be next on the shower front. :)
The whole family.
This might be my favorite picture from the entire weekend. My Dad and brother are training for a century ride for Team and Training and Hudson was very interested in what they were doing when they were getting ready to ride. He really wanted to go with them...maybe he'll be training with them one day! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lovin' on Paw-Paw & Nana

After several canceled trips due to weather and being sick, Paw-Paw and Nana finally got to come for a visit this past weekend. We hadn't seen them since Christmas (which is a long time for us) and Hudson was so excited when they got here on Friday. We had a low key weekend just spending time together. I snapped these pics of Hudson lovin' on Paw-Paw and Nana at dinner Saturday night. The sugar from the dessert had definitely hit!

Dessert is always better coming from Paw-Paw! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chain of Events

You know how one thing leads to another? Well, we've had a lot of that around here lately. It all started 2 weeks ago when Hudson got a little tummy bug. (He was getting sick in the Rainforest post I did, but I didn't realize it yet.) After having a tummy bug for more than 48 hours his doctor wanted to see him. (Appointment #1) The day of this office visit he started to get a runny nose. Three days later he was up screaming in pain in the middle of the night and we had to go back to the doctor. (Appointment #2) Turns out that he now had a horrible ear infection. Since he is allergic to all things penicillan he was prescribed Omnicef and we went on our merry way. Three days later on a Sunday of course we woke up to find our little man swollen and covered in hives. He looked like this:

Yikes huh? Yes, I know. Well, we ended up at the after hours doctor (Appointment #3) to find out he is in fact allergic to Omnicef too. So, he was prescribed some ear drops after they discovered that his ear drum had now burst and he was given steroids for the hives. We were told to go back to our doctor the next day to follow up. In case you have lost count, we were back the next day for...Appointment #4! The good news is that our little guy is on the mend after being sick for almost 2 weeks. The bad news is that steroids and 2 1/2 year olds don't mix. They make them CRAZY! They make children do things they don't usually do...they make Hudson act LIKE A NUT! They make him do things like this:
Yes, he used his scissors to cut his chair. That is what he told me. Where was I you ask? Well, after having a child that acts more like a koala (you know...hanging on you all the time) for almost two weeks I was trying to get a little cleaning done in the other room while he was actually doing something independently for a few minutes. So, that has been our recent chain of events around here. It is always exciting!