Friday, August 30, 2013

Ready or Not, Kindergarten here comes Hudson!

The year is finally here...Hudson officially started school!  You would think that I would have been ready since he got to stay at home an extra year with an August birthday, but I still find it hard to believe.  It is amazing (and sad!) to me how fast time has gone by.  With two years of Pre-K under his belt at our church, he was ready, whether this mamma was ready or not!  Thursday, August 22nd we headed to our new neighborhood school to Meet the Teacher.  It was very strange being on the other side.  I have a lot of experience being the teacher, but not much being the mom!  Thankfully, his teacher, Mrs. Bray is everything we prayed for!!  She is absolutely wonderful and he loves her!  Here they are at Meet the Teacher.

 Monday, August 26th, we got up early for his first day of Kindergarten!  School starts at 7:30, so he has an early wake up time of 6:30 this year.  It has definitely been an adjustment and my little sleeper has been going to bed at 7:00 without batting an eye.  Bless his heart!  He let me torture him with a few pictures before heading out the door.  :)
 Here he is at his table before we said good-bye.  He didn't shed one tear.  (Wish I could say the same, but they started streaming when I walked out the door!)
I am writing this on Friday night, so he has been in school for one week!  He did GREAT all week!!  He loves his teacher, loves that a friend on his soccer team is also in Kindergarten and he sees him at recess, he loves art and music class, and loves that his teacher has rewarded him several times during the week for making good choices.  I couldn't be more proud of how well he did his first week!!!  I hope his love for school stays strong all through the year and through his life!  :)


Hudson's actual birthday was on a Tuesday this year.  It was kind of a strange day because Kelly was out of town for work and I had some morning in-service to go to for Wylie Preparatory Academy.  But, we made the most of it and thankfully Nana and Aunt Fern were here to help!  Hudson woke up to a decorated table and a donut with 6 candles in it.  :)
 He was so excited to blow out candles again!

He then got to open a few presents from Mommy and Daddy.
 I managed to sneak in a quick picture of the two of us before rushing off to my meeting.  
 Thankfully, my meeting only lasted until noon.  So, I rushed home and we all headed to Amazing Jakes for lunch and HOURS of play!  I told Hudson he could pick whatever he wanted for dinner that night.  I figured it would be Chick-fil-A or Taco Bueno, but no, he requested a steak and baked potato.  Only my 6 year old!!  So, I grilled steak and baked potatoes for dinner.  :)  After dinner, he got to blow out candles yet again on a mini cookie cake.
 Thumbs up for cookie cake!
How can my "baby" be 6???  He brings more joy to our lives than he'll ever know...LOVE HIM!!

Hudson's 6th Birthday Party!!

This year we had Hudson's birthday party at Oak Point Pool in Plano.  It was HOT, but the kids had a great time!!
Hunter, Hudson, and Mia  (his love from Pre-K this last year!)
 He chose an Angry Bird theme this year.  Here are the melting cupcakes!
 Hudson and Mia from his first year of Pre-K.  Yes, he has a thing for girls named Mia!  :)
 Party favors.  The cups were full of Angry Bird fruit snacks and Angry Bird toys.

 Hudson got a little help blowing out his candles from sweet Kylie.

 Hudson and Kylie (the best babysitter and former student EVER!!!!)
 Hudson and Nana
 Hudson and Noni
 Splashing around with Uncle Todd.
After the party, all of the family came back to our house to eat lunch and then open presents!
 Hudson and Paw-Paw having a serious moment.
 Posing with Aunt Fern
 Being silly with Uncle Todd.
 Snuggling with Aunt Shani and Uncle Todd.
 The giant mess from his loot!
 He couldn't wait to get outside and play with his new remote control car.
 Then, we came back inside to play one of his new games, HeadBanz.  Such fun for everyone!

It was SUCH a fun party day and the birthday fun was just beginning!  :)