Thursday, November 17, 2016

Veteran's Day Performance

Hudson was chosen to play John Adams in the Veteran's Day performance at his school on November 15th.  He did SUCH a good job!!!  Here he is before heading up to the school.

 Posing with some of his friends afterward:  Hudson, Peyton, Everett, Cooper, and Christian

 One of the neatest parts in the play was that the kids were asked to invite any veterans in their family to attend, or bring pictures of those that served.  The names of each family member were read and the kids either held up their picture or their family member joined them on stage.  It was such a neat program!! 
Hudson with Robert Bingham. (Great-great-grandfather)
 Hudson with Dale Long. (Great-great-grandfather)
 Hudson with Wayne Burling. (Great-great-uncle)
 Hudson with his music teacher, Mrs. Soudress.

 Hudson with his awesome 3rd grade teachers Ms. Turner and Mr. Boatman.
We were super proud of our boy!!  He shines on stage!!

Fall Soccer Season in the Books!

The weekend of November 11th, Hudson's team, the Monsters played in the Wylie Cup soccer tournament.  They didn't win the tournament, but played their hearts out in 3 games.  Hudson seemed sad when it was over and as I started a pep talk about how well they played, he said he wasn't sad about not winning, but about soccer being over.  Sweet boy!  Winter basketball starts soon and spring soccer will be here before he knows it!
Here he is with his team being crazy!

 My #6 in action!

Will, Alex, Jordan, Hudson, Caleb, Addison, Cooper, Eric, and Zachary with Daddy, or Coach Kelly!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


For Halloween this year, we had a golfer, and a zombie soccer player.  Here are my cuties before heading out to trick-or treat!
 We told Hudson to make a scary face and Holden had to make one too!  Ha!
 We met up with a few of our neighborhood friends!  SO fun to live in such a fun neighborhood!

 Holden and his future friend Colton.  :)
 When we got home, we went across the street to see Brynlee on her first Halloween.  She was getting ready for bed, so we didn't get to see her in costume, but Holden made sure to give her a goodnight kiss!! 
Our boys had such a fun night!!

Hudson's Class Party

After Noni's office Halloween party, we raced to Hudson's school for his class party.  They were eating a fun snack when we got there.  Hudson is in the center of the room.

 Hudson's class with his teacher, Mr. Boatman.  They could wear their costumes to school, but costumes couldn't be scary. So, Hudson chose to just wear his regular soccer uniform.

 They played a ring toss game where the girls beat the boys!
I don't have any pictures, but after the party, we ran home for Holden to take a nap, only to return to the school for the Fall Carnival that night.  It was a BUSY, FUN day!!

Trick or Treating Downtown

Friday, October 28th was a busy day!  I packed Holden up and we headed downtown to Noni's office for some trick-or-treating.  He easily put on his golfer costume, grabbed his bucket, and quickly figured out that people were going to fill it with candy!  He loved it!  He also may or may not have been the cutest little boy there!!  :)
 Pausing for a second before we were flying down the hall again!!
Sadly, we only got these two pictures.  Holden was hard to keep up with!  :)

Blase Family Farm

Paw-Paw and Nana came to visit the weekend of October 21st.  While Hudson was at school, Nana and I took Holden to Blase Family Farm.  It was darling and Holden loved it!! First up, feeding the goats and sheep!

 Then, we fed a longhorn!! Holden wasn't too sure of that.
 We tried and tried to get a cute picture of him smiling while sitting in front of this sign, but he was not having it!!  Stinker!
 He and Nana waiting for the tractor ride. 
 Before leaving, we got to pick out some pumpkins to take home.  Holden had more fun moving the pumpkins around!  :)

Happy boy before heading to take lunch to big brother at school!  :)

Watch DOGS day!

Friday, October 21st was Kelly's Watch DOGS day.  I also like to refer to this as he and Hudson's favorite day of the school year!!  Kelly loves volunteering all day and Hudson loves having Dad at school all day!!  

Two and a half!!

Holden turned two and a half years old on September 14th.  We celebrated with a Nothing Bundt Cake and our sweet boy couldn't have been happier!!  Holden continues to be such a fun loving, FULL of energy, wild, crazy, sweet boy, and we love him so!!!

Happy half cutie!!