Thursday, February 26, 2009

My very own Faux Hawk

This morning before Kelly left for work he made the comment that Hudson's hair was super long. After looking at it for a minute I decided the out of control, hair over the ears, uneven on the neck, poofing on the side look was not so good. So, we loaded up and went to Cool Cuts. Poor Hudson didn't realize that Mommy was trying to make him look better...he cried the whole time and kept shaking his head no at the stylist. It was quite comical actually. After suffering through it, he looked in the mirror to discover she had styled it in a faux hawk...he then decided he looked pretty cool since Uncle Geoff wears his hair like that sometimes. Here he is with his new do:

This haircut is for you Uncle Geoff...can't wait to see you this weekend for your birthday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playdate at the Park

Last Friday we met our friends Melissa & Colton and Jessica & Stone at the park for a playdate. The weather was perfect and the boys had so much fun playing!
We brought a football and Hudson did not want to put it down...he carried it around almost the entire time.

We have REALLY been working on sharing around here. Look at Hudson sharing his football with sweet!

The sweetness turned into...wait a minute...I didn't really want you to have my football. He took off after him!!
My silly boy decided to roll around in the grass. Have I mentioned he is ALL BOY???
Our attempt at a group shot. (Stone, Colton, and Hudson) How cute is Stone's hat??? He will be running and playing in no time!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two birthday parties, twice the fun!

Whew...what a weekend! Hudson had a birthday party to attend Saturday and Sunday and boy did he have fun! Saturday we went to Colton's 2nd birthday party that was train themed. The boys were asked to wear their best train conductor outfit and once we got there we knew why. The party favors were conductor hats, bandanas for their necks and train whistles. Too cute! Our little conductor would have nothing to do with his bandana and only left his hat on for a second...
Is this how it goes?
Sweet Colton wore his duds the whole time and was just precious. Here is the birthday boy opening up his first gift.
The rest of the gift opening went something like this...Hudson standing right in the middle of the action, playing with all of Colton's new toys. Yep, that's my boy! Colton and his mommy didn't mind though...that's why we love them!! :)
Sunday, Hudson helped Savannah celebrate her 3rd birthday at Winn Kids in Flowermound. He had so much fun even though he was the youngest kiddo there.
Just hanging around.
I don't know what this is, but I love it!

He didn't have one problem sitting with the big kids eating pizza and cake!
It took a few minutes to get the hang of the trampoline, but once he got it there was no getting him off. He LOVED it! They wanted to do a group picture and this is what happened when we pulled, no tore Hudson from the trampoline...

Yes, that would be my boy throwing a temper tantrum on the mat. Our sweet friend Kendra said he looked cute. Oh my...if only it looked cute to Kelly and I! :) We have more parties coming up in March and we can't wait!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is more fun, the toy or the box?

Hudson's big gift that Noni gave him for Christmas was on back order and we just received it a few weeks ago. This weekend Kelly decided to put it together since the weather is starting to stay nice enough for Hudson to enjoy it. The gift prompted us to ask...what is more fun...the toy or the box it came in??
Hudson helping Daddy put his climber/slide together.
Testing it out.

Whee! Yep, the toy was a success. Then came the box...
In he goes...

It was just his size.

Needless to say, he played in the box a lot longer than he played with his slide. He loved it and we had a hard time getting him out! The box wins this time!

To Eat or Not To Eat

To celebrate Hudson being 1 1/2, Noni brought over red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...YUMMY!! We thought Hudson would just dive right in...hmmm...see for yourself...
"I think I'll just poke it for a while."
"What is this thing?"
"Here we go...I think I'm supposed to eat it."
"Nope...I dont' want it."
"I'm not sure why Daddy pulled a piece off...I really don't want this thing. WOW...I can't believe how fast Mommy and Daddy ate this after I didn't want it. Weird."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

18 Months!

Hudson turned 18 months old on Friday…yep, a year and a half. I really can’t believe it! I feel like he is changing each and every day. He seems to be a sponge the way he is learning lately. It is like something clicked and he is starting to use more words, point to anything you ask him to, and is figuring out how things work. One of the cutest things he is doing these days is taking Kelly and I where he wants to go. For instance, if he wants to go outside, he comes and grabs your hand and leads you to the back door. Or, if he wants to color, he will get your hand and lead you to the cabinet with his coloring books and crayons. It is precious! This has to be one of the most fun ages so far, minus the temper tantrums. (And boy can he throw a good one!) We went to his 18 month well visit Friday and I have to say it was nice being at the doctor’s office for a well visit instead of a sick visit this time. He hardly gained any weight from his 15 month check up and actually lost weight from his sick visit…poor little guy didn’t eat for almost 5 days so go figure! Here are his fun little stats: weight 22.4 (8%), length 32 ½” (55%), and head circumference 19” (63%). Like I say each time, he is long, lean, and has a big head. How can you not love stats like that?!?
Good morning sunshine! You are a year and a half old today. :)
Noni got Hudson a balloon when he was sick and I got some cute 18 month pics on Friday of him playing with it. I might have to start buying a balloon more often because this simple thing has been a lot of fun this past week!! Who knew?

Kelly and I took Hudson to get his pictures taken on Saturday. We didn't intend on him holding a football, but once he saw it he had to have it. He alternated between the regular football and the little one. Maybe he will play football one day like his daddy. :)

What a joy and blessing this little man is!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

High Fever + Croupy Cough + Runny Nose = ONE NASTY VIRUS!

It has been a rough few days in the Donnell house. Hudson woke up Thursday morning with a high fever, horrible cough, and a runny nose. He looked MISERABLE. I took him to the doctor where they immediately tested him for the flu. The test came back negative and they determined that he had a really nasty virus. (You can say that again!) So, we went home with a prescription for an ear infection (can't have a virus without an ear infection right?) and instructions to stay in. So, we have been doing just that...staying in, playing, and giving lots of TLC. Hopefully this nasty virus will be gone soon!!
Look at those red cheeks. :(

Hudson has been refusing to eat or drink. He hasn't eaten in 2 1/2 days actually...not fun. So, what does every good Mommy do? Go get a milkshake of course. He drank a few sips, but then quit after that. Oh well...on to the next idea!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chuck E Cheese Please!

We decided to take Hudson to Chuck E Cheese for the first time on Saturday. Needless to say, it was a TOTAL SUCCESS! He LOVED it! As we were walking to the car I asked him if he liked Chuck E Cheese and he looked at Kelly and said, "Cheese!" It was so cute! That definitely won't be his last trip! :)
Hudson quickly figured out that the magic coins turned the toys on. He fumbled a little at first, but mastered putting the coins in the slots.

He was dancing here...he has started stomping his foot as he dances and it is hilarious! Not sure where he learned that one.
We stopped playing for a while to have dinner. Hudson was very happy to discover that this very fun place full of very fun toys served one of his favs...the boy loves pizza!
Thanks Mom and Dad!
Being sweet with Daddy.
Being silly with Mommy.
Kelly and I have always loved playing air hockey and this might have been one of Hudson's favorite games too. Air hockey table as a future gift??

We ended the night with a game of skeeball, which was a little scary since Hudson's aim is a little off. He was throwing the balls into the next lane, but thankfully I was playing in that lane, so all was well. What a fun Saturday night!!