Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Country Boy at Heart

I never would have guessed when Kelly and I first starting dating that he was a country boy at heart. He doesn't dress the part, talk the part, or act the part, but when dove, deer, or duck hunting season come around, my darling husband is pure country. He can't get to the fields/stands/lakes fast enough. It is something he did growing up and is very much a part of him. It has never really affected me (the polar opposite of all things country) other than the fact that he goes out of town a lot during those seasons. UNTIL now...I'm pretty sure I have another country boy at heart on my hands. We took Hudson to Poppy's ranch this weekend and to say the child was in heaven is an understatement. He was IN LOVE with the ranch. He actually cried when we left and continues to ask how much longer until we can go back. This non-country girl might have many more ranch weekends ahead of me.

Hudson had so much fun playing air hockey...especially now that he is tall enough to do it by himself!

LOVE the faces!

I don't have any pictures, but he also LOVED riding four wheelers and the Bad Boy Buggy. His favorite part of the weekend though, was hands down...riding horses!

Going fast with Poppy! Check out that smile!!

I have to admit...isn't that pretty??

Hudson and Daddy before leaving on Sunday.

I guess I need to find a cute pair of boots, huh?? :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekend Visit

Guess who came to visit this past weekend??

Paw-Paw and Nana sandwich! :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween...Batman Style!

Several months ago, when I asked Hudson what he wanted to be for Halloween he immediately told me he wanted to be an ostrich. WHAT?!? I explained to him that there aren't any ostrich costumes and mommy isn't quite crafty enough to make something like that. I offered MANY other suggestions, but it always came back to wanting to be an ostrich. Thankfully, he was invited to a birthday party that was a costume party and he said he wanted to be Batman for the party. Once he put on his Batman costume he was sold and never mentioned the ostrich again. THANK GOODNESS! So, Batman it was this year and he loved every.single.minute!

Ready to trick-or-treat...Batman Style!

A quick pose with Mommy and Daddy.

Then, we were off. Hudson did not have to be told twice what to do...he has trick-or-treating DOWN!

We ran into his friend Ella...

A house a block over actually had a haunted house put up in their yard. Hudson and Daddy went in and he said it was fun. Definitely NOT his Mommy's child!

My brave boy coming out of the haunted house.

We also saw his friends Pearson and Aaron...

...and Stone.

He DID NOT want to quit trick-or-treating, but was quickly convinced when we told him he could go home and look at all of his candy and pick one to eat.

Happy boy! It was SO FUN watching him trick-or-treat this year. When I was putting him to bed, he asked when it was going to be Halloween again and was sad when I told him it would be another year. Sweet love!

Trick-or-Treating at Noni's Office

Last Friday we headed to Noni's office for their annual trick-or-treating with kids and grandkids. Hudson was SO EXCITED this year...he knew what to do and was definitely ready to get some candy!

He was happy to pose for some of her friends that were taking pictures of the kids. I snuck in behind one of them to get a picture.

This year, they had some activities set up for the kids once the trick-or-treating was done. He and Noni had a lot of fun playing games.
Fishing and making silly pumpkin faces out of stickers.

Thought this picture was cool...Hudson said the cars below looked tiny. :)

Crazy to think that next year will be his last year to do this...sniff, sniff!

Fall Festival

Last Thursday was Hudson's Fall Festival at school. I volunteered to bring a fun snack and then help with the festival for the rest of the day. It was so fun being on the other side of the party...as in, not the teacher, but the parent! The kids had so much fun and I was so impressed with all of the fun activities that his school and teacher planned for them.

First up, I dropped off the fun snack for the kids to enjoy while the festival was being set out.

I made Spider Krispies for the kids and their job was to put the spider "legs" in! They loved them and I have to admit that I think they turned out pretty cute. :)
I also brought the jack-o-lantern oranges...loved them!

Once they got into the gym, the kids rotated through fun stations...painting pumpkins, apple tasting, acorn painting, a sink or float station, and some fun games.

Hudson really enjoyed painting his pumpkin. He even added glitter. :)

He and Zachary being silly.

His precious little class.

Once they got back into their class and finished lunch, Ms. Amber had another fun thing planned...pumpkin carving. The kids LOVED playing with the "guts" of the pumpkin.

So fun! I am so glad I get to be a part of his class!!

Yearly Pumpkin Patches

This year, we made our yearly rounds to several of our favorite pumpkin patches with friends. I didn't take a ton of pictures...just let Hudson enjoy the time with his friends running around. Here are a few from each pumpkin patch we visited.

First up, was the Arboretum...it was just gorgeous this year! Hudson's favorite part was playing in the hay maze. Not running through the maze, but moving hay around to different spots. They seriously did this for at least 30 minutes. :)

Hudson, Stone, Colton, Brody, and Rowan

Next up, was the Flowermound Pumpkin Patch with Colleen, Reid, and Adalyn. The boys had so much fun playing in the bounce houses at this one. I don't think they really cared about the pumpkins, but how do pumpkins compete with bounce houses??? :)

Sadly, the best picture I got of Hudson and Reid. Really?!?

Our final pumpkin patch to visit was Owen's Farm with Aurora, Avery, and Greyson. Hudson LOVES this one because of the animals. He and Avery spent a lot of time feeding the goats. They had ZERO fear and just stuck their hands right on in the fence. They even refused to feed a "bully" goat who was pushing the smaller goats aside. Too funny!

So much fun with friends at all of the pumpkin patches!