Monday, September 14, 2015

A Year and a Half Already?!?

This sweet, wild, crazy, tornado of a child turned 18 months today.  How in the world he is already a year and a half is beyond me!!  He is a hot mess, in to EVERYTHING, opinionated, passionate, BUSY, happy, mama's boy!  He literally keeps me running and on my toes on a daily basis, but I wouldn't have him any other way.  It was a workout just trying to snap a few pictures of him...

We had a pretty uneventful day since it was a school day for Hudson.  After dinner, we sang happy half birthday to him and he just looked at us like we were crazy!  Hudson was happy to blow out his candle.  :)

 He then became very interested in the dessert.  Especially after getting a taste of it!  :)

 He definitely needed a bath afterward!

 He got a lawn mower for his half birthday...he pushed, pulled, and drug it around before bed.

I love how this sweet boy completes our family!

Bedroom Makeover

When we transitioned Hudson from his nursery to his big boy room, I decorated it vintage golf.  With Paw-Paw and Kelly being avid golfers, we just assumed Hudson would love it.  Well, think again.  The child makes it VERY clear that he does NOT like golf.  Much to his Paw-Paw and Daddy's dismay.  We even tried a golf camp two summers ago and he just thought it was hot and boring.  We're hoping he grows to like it because it really is a sport that he needs to day.  
Back to his, it has looked like this the past 5 years.  I never really liked it to be honest.  It didn't turn out like I pictured in my head, but vintage golf it stayed.

 This picture was my favorite part of his room.  I bought it in Canton one year when I had the golf idea.
 Over a year ago, I decided it would be fun to surprise Hudson with a bedroom makeover.  He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES soccer, so I thought soccer would be super fun.  I wanted to make it grown up enough to last a while, so I slowly started buying things here and there.  I could not be happier with how it turned out! (Ignore the maroon black out curtains behind the striped black out curtains...sweet boy likes a DARK room!)
 The sheets have soccer players/balls on them too!  The decal is my favorite part!! It has his name and his soccer number on it!

The week after his birthday, Hudson went to Paw-Paw and Nana's for a few days and we did all of this while he was gone.  He was beyond excited to see his bedroom makeover.  His exact words were, "Yes, you got rid of all of the golf stuff!"  Yes, sweet boy, I did!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

8 year pics!

We had Hudson's 8 year pictures taken on August 16th.  It is hard for me to believe he is 8!!!  Time is definitely not slowing down, so I just try to treasure every moment with him that I can.  I love this boy and his crazy ways!!!

A Few Family Pics

I try to have family pictures taken at least twice a year.  We had pictures scheduled around May, but had to cancel them several times because of the crazy, rainy weather we were having.  Then summer came, and life got crazy.  We finally had our pictures taken in July!  Holden was not in the mood to smile at Chera, our photographer, so the family pics aren't great.  

But, he would smile if mommy or daddy got behind Chera, so we got these beyond precious pics!!

 Then, a few of the boys...

Love my sweet family!!