Monday, December 29, 2014

Bowl Game

Kelly and Hudson went to Houston for the Texas Bowl Game against Arkansas this morning.  They were both so excited!  If only I could figure out a way to have them wear red...ha!

Oklahoma Christmas

 The day after Christmas we headed to Oklahoma.  It was so fun watching all of the boys play together!  They started out by being drug around in a box.  What kid doesn't love playing in a box?  :)

 Later that night after the little ones had already had their bath, it was time to open presents. The boys loved their Santa bags.

 Hudson was excited to give the last of his gifts to Paw-Paw and Nana...a bug book and earrings.

 Paw-Paw was surprised to get a new guitar with guitar lessons.  He used to play for Shani and I growing up and has been talking about having his guitar fixed so he could play for his grand kids.  It was so fun to watch him open it!  :)

 I managed to snap a few pictures of these cuties playing the next day.  Love them!!

We were blessed to have such a wonderful Christmas filled with family time.

Christmas 2014

 Christmas day was wonderful this year!  We were blessed to spend all day at home, in our jammies, playing, and watching Christmas movies.  It was fabulous!

 We started the morning by having Hudson open up his final bag from Aunt Fern.  She made him a green bag for each day leading up to Christmas.  His final bag had 25 one dollar bills in it.  He absolutely loved this treat from Aunt Fern!
 Sweet brothers about to open presents.  I LOVE this picture!!!
 Stocking time!!  Aunt Fern made both of the stockings for the boys.  They make me smile.  :)
 Holden loved all of the paper and boxes while Hudson dug in to his gifts.

 Hudson was most excited about this gift.  This is what he asked Santa for.
 This face...
 Hudson bought gifts for everyone at the Holiday Store at his school again.  He was so excited for each of us to open them.  He gave Noni Dallas Cowboy bracelets.

 He gave Daddy a Longhorn bracelet.

 He picked out earrings for me.  (Excuse the pictures with no makeup!!)

 Holden loved his new table.  
 After gifts, I made a cinnamon roll Christmas tree.
 After breakfast, Daddy and Hudson worked on some mosaics that he got for Christmas.  He loved them!
We spent the rest of the day playing and watching Christmas movies.  Hudson's favorite was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...he belly laughed through the whole thing!!

Christmas Eve

Before heading to church on Christmas Eve, we decided to have the boys open their annual pajamas from us.  First, I had to snap a picture of the boys!  I melt!!!
 Then, Hudson started opening his box while Holden played with his.  :)

 Hudson was excited to open football pajamas this year.  He LOVES all sports!!
 Hudson then helped Holden open his Christmas pajamas while Holden played with the paper.

After opening their pajamas we headed to church and then Noni came home and put Holden to bed while the rest of us went to celebrate with Kelly's family.  It was a great evening.

Do you want to paint a snowflake?

The second day of Christmas break, Leslie and Griffin came over.  Leslie brought over the supplies to paint snowflakes.  The boys did a great job and had fun!

 Finished products:

Christmas Lights

The Sunday before Christmas we surprised Hudson with our tradition of putting golden tickets in his bed.  He was SO excited when he found them under his sheets!  Noni stayed with Holden while we headed to get hot chocolate and to Deerfield to see the lights.  Such a fun night!