Friday, July 27, 2012

San Antonio Trip...#3!

This past weekend, we headed to San Antonio for our annual summer Sea World trip.  This is our third summer to go and it is definitely Hudson's happy place!  The first day we arrived, we headed to the River Walk for dinner and a barge ride.
How sweet are my two boys?  :)

 After eating dinner at Casa Rio, we got in line to take a barge ride down the river.  This was our first year to do this and someone was very excited...
 Mom and I
 He just loves making crazy eyes in pictures...why?!?

 The next morning I caught Kelly and Hudson snuggling while I was getting ready.  So sweet!  (Hudson slept on a blow up mattress in between the two beds.)  I don't have any pictures from the second day because we went to Aquatica, the new water park at Sea World.  It was FABULOUS!!  Hudson was tall enough to ride most of the rides, which he LOVED!  His favorite was the family ride, where we all got to ride together in a large raft and at the end you float through a tunnel with fish and stingrays swimming around you.  Very cool!
 Day 3 was SeaWorld!  We did something a little different this year, which was a huge success.  We scheduled an up close encounter with the Sea Lions.  Here is Hudson waiting for our tour guide:

 A tour guide met us and 3 other families near the Sea Lion exhibit.  We learned many facts about sea lions and then got to feed them.  Kelly holding a squid...yuck!
 I could handle the fish though!
 After feeding them, we had reserved seating (in the shade thank goodness!) to see the show.  This is one always makes us laugh!

 After the show, we got to meet Seymour the Sea Lion and have a little photo op with him.  If you look closely at the picture, they told Seymour to smile, and he did!  Crazy!!  It was so neat to be that close to a sea lion and touch it...he was actually hairy and really cold.  Such a fun experience!

 After leaving Seymour, we grabbed a quick bite to eat.  Hudson and Noni were looking at the map to plan our next show.
 The ski show...
 And of course, the Shamu show...always amazing to me!

 Azul, with the beluga whale.  Hudson wants to do the beluga up close next year...I think we just might have to do that!  :)

 We didn't get to the dolphins in time to feed them, but they were getting pretty close to the side of the wall.  
 Hudson was playing with this one.  You can see the water he was splashing at him.
 He finally came super close, but then swam away, so we didn't get to touch him.  Hopefully next year!

 One sweaty, disgusting picture before leaving at the end of the day!  Hudson is already talking about going back...he LOVES all things Sea World!  :)
 I had to include this.  On the way home, Hudson told me he was going to write a word and I look back and he had written mom all by himself!  He hasn't been too interested in letters or sounding things out until just recently, so I was one happy mommy!!  Love him!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

After Wedding Party!

This past Friday, July 6, we headed up to Oklahoma for a party to celebrate Geoff and Tara's recent wedding.  There was a LOT of family  in town for the event and we had a blast!  Friday night and all day Saturday we swam, ate, and visited...such fun!
Geoff and Uncle Al
 Kelly and I
 The party was Saturday night.  All of their beautiful wedding pictures were sitting out for people to look through.  
 There are tons of family pics coming!  :)
 Kelly and Todd

 Hudson working the dance floor again with Aunt Shani and Nana.
 Dena, Sara, Shani
 Love my sis!

 Kelly with Uncle Al and Dad
 All the men with Tara!
Our family...notice Hudson's face...can you tell he was DONE with pictures?? 
Aunt Shani quickly got him smiling again! 
 Dad and I
 Hudson needed to take a quick break before hitting the dance floor again.

 The Kendrick side of the family!
 Aren't they precious??
 Tara had to put her boot back on at the end of the night, but Hudson wanted to try it on first!
 Soaring on Uncle Al's head before heading home.
Such a fun night with family and good friends.  :)