Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of Year Music Program

 May 9th was Hudson's End of Year Music Program.  It was just as cute as the previous year!  I just love seeing him with his class...they are darling.  He was cracking up as they entered...
 He started out a little reserved...
 but quickly began dancing!
 They performed one of their favorites, "Tooty-Ta"!  That is one of my all time favorites from teaching too...the kids just love it!
 At the very end, they sang a Mother's Day song and they all had to blow their mom a kiss...precious!
 After the performance, the real show began.  Hudson and his "love", Mia just couldn't get enough of each other during the class picture.  We are SO in for it with this one!!!!!

Back row:  Hudson, Mia, Miss Amber, Ethan, Rhianne, Micah
Front row:  Eric, Rachel, Hayden, Valeria, Kaylee

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