Thursday, October 22, 2009

We FINALLY made it to the Arboretum!!

We have had several playdates planned for the Arboretum that have been cancelled due to the yucky weather. But, this past Monday the weather was BEAUTIFUL, so we were able to stick to our plans and go with our friends Melissa & Colton and Jessica & Stone. The boys and mommies had such a great time...we couldn't have asked for a prettier day!
Hudson, Stone, and Colton rolling in together. (Notice Hudson and Stone with their George lovies!)
Once we got inside Hudson and Colton decided to ditch the wagon and walk. Hudson had a blast picking up leaves and acorns. It is always the simple things with my little man!

When we finally made it to the area with all of the pumpkins, Hudson had a blast moving them around and in typical Hudson fashion, "riding" the pumpkins!

Our sad attempt at a group shot with the boys...they obviously had better things to do than pose for a picture!
After exploring the pumpkins, we spread out some blankets for a picnic lunch. My little guy was WAY more interested in wearing my sunglasses than he was in eating.

I absolutely L.O.V.E. Hudson's love of animals. He cracked me up because he started chasing this bird asking it to sit and asking to hold it. LOVE IT!
I'm not sure how much time we spent on the stairs, but this might have been the boys favorite time of day.

My friend Melissa took these last two pictures and I didn't even realize she was taking them. We were walking back to the wagon to get our things to head home and Hudson asked me to turn him. I love these sweet moments with my little man!!!

Thanks friends for such a fun trip to the Arboretum!


Aurora said...

FUN! We were there on Monday was a grogeous day! Love the last 2 pictures of you spinning, very cute! :)

Unknown said...

LOVE this pics with the sunglasses! Hudson looked like he was having a blast! love the last pic of you two also. Priceless. Missu

Unknown said...

Dena, that was me that made the last post but don't know why it says "response"..hmmmmmm
amy c.

Cassidy said...

the last too pictures are TOO cute! I love how H and Stone are doing the exact same thing with their monkeys.