Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween as a Golfer!

Hudson had the best Halloween this year as a golfer and he looked pretty good doing it if I do say so myself! :) We started out the week by heading to our Halloween Playgroup Party at Cara, Landon, & Grant's house. Cara OUTDID herself with the fun decorations, yummy treats, and goody bags for the boys! The boys looked PRECIOUS:
Joe Jonas (Chapman), Tigger (Porter), Train Conductor (Sutton), Pirate (Tanner), Cowboy (Reid), Football Player (Quinn), Risky Business (Landon), and Golfer (Hudson)
The boys had a blast playing around with their friends and the mommies had a great time catching up as always!
On Friday, we headed to Noni's office for their annual Trick-or-Treat party. Hudson enjoyed getting candy, but I think his favorite part was the pizza lunch!
Noni, Hudson, and Mommy
Inspecting the first basket of candy took some time. He ended up picking out a jaw breaker. REALLY? A jaw breaker? Pretty sure 2 year olds can't have jaw breakers. So, after wrestling it away from him we finally convinced him to try his first Milk Dud. It worked...the Milk Dud was a success!
Tonight we ventured out to Trick-or-Treat for the first time. Hudson was a NATURAL! He boldly walked up to his friend Ella's house, knocked on the door and even said, "Trick or Treat."
No hesitation for this little one...
He knew there was something yummy waiting for him!
After leaving Ella's house, we headed to Stone's house. Notice how Hudson is eyeing Stone's sucker? Just wait...

Had to grab a quick family pic! The second we left Stone's driveway Hudson pulled a sucker out of his bag and asked if he could have it. Why not? :)

A kid definitely needs more candy when they have candy in their mouth right?
Once we got home, Ella came to our house and of course we had to get a pic.

Good night my little golfer. Sweet (sticky, yummy, sugar-high...) dreams!

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Aurora said...

Cute! I love his little golfer costume! :)