Wednesday, January 4, 2017


We had another fabulous Christmas day this year!  We spent the entire day in our jammies, without an agenda, just being together!!  The boys slept in a little, but were ready to open gifts when they woke up.  Well, Hudson was ready!  I think Holden only actually opened one gift.  Hudson opened all of them for him and he just ran around and played with them!  It was such a fun day!!

 Hudson is always so excited to give us the presents he picked out at the Holiday Store at his school.  It is SO sweet!  This year he gave Kelly and deer ornament and coffee mug.

 He gave Noni a blanket because she's always cold!
 He gave me a Merry Christmas ornament for the tree!  You can tell by the gifts how much thought he puts into each one!
 Here's a glimpse of the crazy little man running around!

 Hudson's facial expressions while opening gifts is awesome!!  :)

 Hudson was most excited about his Bloxels!

 Holden loved getting his very own blower and trash truck!
 Noni's favorite gift was the canvas and her and the boys.

 Despite my best efforts, I have raised a UT loving boy!!  He loved all of his UT gear!
 He had fun creating his very own video game!

Christmas Eve

After a beautiful church service and a fun night celebrating with Kelly's family, we quickly had the boys open their Christmas pajamas from us before getting in bed on Christmas Eve.  This was the best attempt at a picture of the boys!

 Hudson was really excited to open his UT jammies!
 Holden was running around like a maniac, so Hudson opened his Mickey Mouse jammies for him.

The boys went to bed and this is what they woke up to Christmas morning!!

Class Christmas Party

Hudson's class Christmas party was December 16th.  He just happened to be the assistant for the week too!  :)
 Little brother enjoyed helping with the craft, eating a snack, and...
 ...sitting in the middle of all the boys!
 I'm in total denial that the year is halfway over!!! :(


 Over Thanksgiving we took a picture of all the cousins...4 BOYS!!  Here's Hudson holding the newest addition, sweet Logan:
All four crazies!  Don't ask why Holden and Luke have gloves on...I have no idea!  :)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Veteran's Day Performance

Hudson was chosen to play John Adams in the Veteran's Day performance at his school on November 15th.  He did SUCH a good job!!!  Here he is before heading up to the school.

 Posing with some of his friends afterward:  Hudson, Peyton, Everett, Cooper, and Christian

 One of the neatest parts in the play was that the kids were asked to invite any veterans in their family to attend, or bring pictures of those that served.  The names of each family member were read and the kids either held up their picture or their family member joined them on stage.  It was such a neat program!! 
Hudson with Robert Bingham. (Great-great-grandfather)
 Hudson with Dale Long. (Great-great-grandfather)
 Hudson with Wayne Burling. (Great-great-uncle)
 Hudson with his music teacher, Mrs. Soudress.

 Hudson with his awesome 3rd grade teachers Ms. Turner and Mr. Boatman.
We were super proud of our boy!!  He shines on stage!!

Fall Soccer Season in the Books!

The weekend of November 11th, Hudson's team, the Monsters played in the Wylie Cup soccer tournament.  They didn't win the tournament, but played their hearts out in 3 games.  Hudson seemed sad when it was over and as I started a pep talk about how well they played, he said he wasn't sad about not winning, but about soccer being over.  Sweet boy!  Winter basketball starts soon and spring soccer will be here before he knows it!
Here he is with his team being crazy!

 My #6 in action!

Will, Alex, Jordan, Hudson, Caleb, Addison, Cooper, Eric, and Zachary with Daddy, or Coach Kelly!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


For Halloween this year, we had a golfer, and a zombie soccer player.  Here are my cuties before heading out to trick-or treat!
 We told Hudson to make a scary face and Holden had to make one too!  Ha!
 We met up with a few of our neighborhood friends!  SO fun to live in such a fun neighborhood!

 Holden and his future friend Colton.  :)
 When we got home, we went across the street to see Brynlee on her first Halloween.  She was getting ready for bed, so we didn't get to see her in costume, but Holden made sure to give her a goodnight kiss!! 
Our boys had such a fun night!!