Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Firetruck!

"More Firetruck"...these are the words I've been hearing from Hudson since a fun birthday party and a fun playdate! It started on Sunday when we went to Griffin's 2nd birthday party. It was firetruck themed and a real firetruck came to the party. The kids were in HEAVEN! They even got to sit in the firetruck.

Hudson cried when he had to get down and kept saying "more ride" since he thought he was riding in the firetruck when he was sitting in it. Too cute!
The birthday boy and his mommy.
The whole gang sitting on the front of the firetruck.

Waving bye to the firetruck. He wasn't sad for too long because it was cake time after that!
The following morning we met some friends for a little field trip to our local firestation. I just knew Hudson would love it since he loved the birthday party the day before. The firestation did not disappoint. We actually got to take a tour and I learned a few things...did you know that firemen are REQUIRED to work out for an hour a day? I wish someone would require me to do that...ha! I also learned that they have 60 seconds to load up in the truck and be on their way when they get a call. Just a little bit of trivia for you...don't say you never learned anything from reading a blog! :)
Hudson's favorite part was walking around in the ambulance. This was a big hit for all the kids!

Of course we couldn't leave without a group pic: Justine with Logan and Mason, Melissa and Colton, Jeannie and Kayson, and Hudson and I.
As we were leaving they told us to come back anytime. Don't worry...we definitely will!

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Cassidy said...

what fun! what a great idea for a party.