Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday cake AND Thomas...WOW, what a weekend!

Hudson was able to have a Two-Year-Old Dream weekend. Birthday cake on Saturday and Thomas the Train on Sunday! What more can a little boy ask for?
We headed up to Oklahoma this weekend to help celebrate Nana's birthday at a party that was a complete surprise to her. Hudson was the life of the party...dancing like a crazy man to the music from the DJ, eating cake, and making new friends. He loved every minute of it and I think he might have stolen a few hearts while he was at it!
Showing everyone his moves with Uncle Geoff
Eating with Aunt Shani...this face cracks me up!!
Helping Nana blow out her birthday candles. guessed it...cake!
What did many of the men do at the party? Watch the OU game of course!
We were able to snag some cute family pics:
A rare pic of Kelly and I.
The ladies: Shani, Nana, Mamaw, Aunt Fern, Dena
Love you sis!
After partying hard Saturday night, we headed to see Thomas on Sunday before we headed back to Texas. The weather wasn't exactly cooperating with us. It was 55 degrees and rainy, but it didn't stop us...we had our tickets and Hudson couldn't quit saying Thomas!
How cool is that?!? I was very impressed!
Getting ready to board the train.
Tickets in hand...
We were in Car A, which was the first car behind Thomas!

We were all ready to go!

Hudson's face when we started going...he was in heaven!
After the train ride, we headed to the Thomas store. There were other activities, but the weather didn't allow us to do any of them. Hudson didn't care because he got a new Edward to play with!
Before getting on the road we had lunch with everyone and Aunt Fern surprised Hudson with a Thomas blanket that she made. How cool!
Had to snap a few pics of my little guy eating chips and salsa. Is it bad that I LOVE that he loves Mexican food?? My favorite...yum!!

The minute we walked in the door, Hudson wanted to play with the Thomas train track that Aunt Fern bought him, so he and Daddy immediately sat down and put it together.

He literally played with this for almost an hour. Considering he normally plays with something for less than 5 minutes, that is MAJOR! What a fun filled weekend we all had!!


The Kilgore Corral said...

What FUN! I love the picture of you and Kelly! :)

Aurora said...

What a FUN weekend!!! I love the smile on his face before getting on the train...and the chip picture is too cute!!

Annie said...

oh what a fun weekend!!! A little boy's dream!!!! Hudson is getting so big, so adorable!!!

Cara Carroll said...

This looks like SO much fun!! SUch a great weekend! And you look so beautfiul in all the pics!! Hope to see y'all soon!

Kara Wilson said...

What a BEAUTIFUL picture of you & Kelly!!!! And of course, lots of cute pics of Hudson, too!!! So happy you guys had such a fun weekend with your sweet family! Hope Hudson is feeling better! Love ya!