Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family, a Farm, and a Big Game, OH MY!

We had another crazy busy, fun filled weekend this past weekend. There was family in town, a big football game to watch, and of course some pumpkins and farm animals to see! Nana, Hudson and I started the weekend early by visiting Owens Farm on Friday. Hudson LOVED the farm animals...I mean, he could NOT GET ENOUGH of the goats and sheep.
Seriously, does this kid look happy or what?!?
The child had NO FEAR when it came to petting the goats and the sheep...he would just reach right in and go for it. The funniest thing though is that he kept "talking to them" by saying "BAAAA" as loud as he could. I guess he was speaking animal to them!

Not too sure of the barrel ride or the pony though.
So, we went back to the goats and sheep.

We had to literally pry him away from the animals to venture to the pumpkin side of the farm. He thouroughly enjoyed the maze and moving pumpkins around once we got there.

Saturday morning we headed out to an OU/TX watch party. Kelly and I flipped a coin to see which shirt Hudson would wear first and I lost. Poor Hudson had to wear a TX shirt most of the day.

Game, what game? Griffin, Hudson, and Gannon played outside most of the day.
Me, Leslie, and Holly
Kelly and I
Shani and I
Before heading out on Sunday, I found this sitting on the couch:
Paw-Paw was drawing Hudson his famous "Gooney-bird" that he used to draw for us as kids. I need to take a picture of it. Hudson just sat in amazement while he drew.
How sweet is this? Kisses for Paw-Paw!


Aurora said...

What a busy, fun weekend!! It was so good to see your parents and Shani on Sunday!

Grow with Griffin said...

Cute post! It was great seeing you guys- and your family last weekend :)