Monday, April 21, 2014

One month already!

I'm not sure how, but this sweet baby is already one month old!  April 14th was here before I knew day after his due date.  The month has absolutely FLOWN by. On one hand our lives haven't changed.  Kelly and I have worked really hard to keep things normal for Hudson.  So, poor little Holden has been on the go constantly...being dragged to soccer games, swim practice, to pick up big brother every day, PTA board meetings, Bible study, and even a movie!  On the other hand, everything has changed!!  I am BEYOND exhausted of course, we have to be ready 15 minutes earlier than normal to get anywhere on time, my laundry load seems to have quadrupled because of this tiny little person, feedings rule our lives, but the best part is that I'm pretty sure my heart has doubled in size.  I will admit that when I was pregnant I was concerned about loving another child as much as I love seemed incomprehensible, but WOW, it happens!!  This sweet little snuggle bug entered our world and completed our family.  God is GOOD!!!
 A little about this little his one month appointment, he had already grown 2 inches and gained almost 2 pounds.  He LOVES to eat!  When he wakes up, he wants to eat NOW and will let you hear about it.  He also LOVES to be held...all.the.time!  He doesn't like being flat on his back, so he sleeps in his papasan chair most of the time if he isn't in someones arms.  He HATES bath.  Poor thing cries through the entire thing still.  He grunts more than any infant I have ever been around.  Kelly has started calling him piggy because of it.  :)  He is still super sleepy and sleeps the majority of the day.  He is such a snuggler...BIG time.  He is precious and couldn't be more loved!!! 

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