Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a fabulous, low key Easter this year.  It was fun to see TWO Easter baskets at the front door.  :)

 Hudson and bed head with his Easter basket and new war game.  

 Hudson requested cinnabunnies again for breakfast this year.  :)

 After church, we dyed eggs and had a thousand egg hunts in the back yard. 
 My boys and I.  :)
 This boy LOVED hunting eggs this year.  We hid them, he hid them, mommy and daddy had races on who could find them faster, we hid in teams, hunted in teams...you name it, we had a twist on egg hunts.  We literally hid and hunted eggs for hours!!  SUCH fun.

 I had to put this picture in here of one of Hudson's eggs...cracked me up!
It was a beautiful day celebrating our risen Lord and spending time with family.  

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