Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Eggstravaganza

Saturday, April 19th we went to our church's annual Easter Eggravaganza.  Here is a picture of Hudson with his empty basket before the egg hunt began.  Nut!
 There's only one thing to do while you wait...take a picture with Mommy of course!
 Let the hunt begin...

 Hudson was on a mission.  Gone are the days of the timid little boy hesitating to pick up eggs.  :)  Poor thing stepped in an ant pile at the end of the hunt though and was ready to leave as soon as it was over.  Look at his pitiful face.  
 This is how Holden enjoyed the hunt.  He was busy meeting people at church that hadn't met him yet.  
 After Hudson recovered from his ant bites (we had some drama!), we went to have lunch on the patio at Gloria's because it was BEAUTIFUL outside!!
I absolutely LOVE my boys!!!

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