Monday, April 21, 2014

Oklahoma Visitors

Hudson's school had a golf tournament fundraiser on April 12th that Kelly and my dad played in.  Since Aunt Fern, Geoffrey, and Tara hadn't met Holden yet, we decided to make it a big family weekend and everyone came down.  Aunt Fern had been itching to get her hands on Holden.  :)
 There was a putt-putt tournament for the kids during the actual tournament.
 Hudson and Nana playing in their tournament.
 Holden at the tournament...he was really excited.  :)
 Kelly and Dad's team WON the tournament!  They were a *little* proud!!
 Uncle Geoffrey and Aunt Tara loving on Holden before they left on Sunday.
 It was such a fun weekend filled with family time!

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