Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

As I sat down to write this post I contemplated breaking it up into several different posts, but opted to do one long one. So, there are quite a few pictures to go along, but how can you do a Christmas post without a TON of pictures?? I also must first say that when Kelly and I got into bed Christmas night I said that this was my favorite Christmas so far. Hudson was SO MUCH FUN this year and seeing everything through his eyes was amazing. So here it goes...a little recap of our Christmas.
Our church holds many Christmas Eve services each year. We used to always go to the candlelight service which is one of my favorite things about Christmas. But, with Hudson not being a night owl we decided to go to the 3:00 childrens service this year. It was so sweet...our pastor sat up front, called all the kids down and told the story of Christmas. He had several older kids that were dressed up and helped with the story. Hudson loved sitting up front this year and wanted all of us with him ~ Daddy, Mommy, and Noni. He quickly decided that since he can walk now that he preferred to stand and walk around while listening to the story.
Here he is listening to the Story of Christmas.
After church we headed to Kelly's older sister's house like we do every year to open gifts and have dinner. Hudson's cousin Marcus is home from college and brought his dog with him. Hudson didn't quite know what to think of Rocco...

Hudson with Marcus and Rocco the dog.
We decided to start a tradition this year that I always had growing up. Hudson got to open one present on Christmas Eve from Mommy and Daddy...a new pair of pajamas. (Always makes for cute pictures Christmas morning!)

After a yummy dinner and fun time with family we headed home. We actually changed Hudson into his new pj's before we left because it was so late. He was so asleep that once we got home he just barely opened his eyes before being put in his crib. He must have been SUPER TIRED because he didn't wake up until 8:45 Christmas morning!! (About 45 minutes late for the little guy!)
I think he thought we were all nuts...Kelly, Noni, and I went in with the video camera and camera telling him that Santa had come and we were all so excited. He started jumping around his crib and acting so silly! He rounded the corner and immediately spotted his new car. It was love at first sight!
He and George immediately got in for a ride. The only thing that could pry him out of his car was the fact that breakfast was ready. After breakfast we went back to the tree to open more presents.
Notice the big bump on his head? He was so excited about his new guitar that I was trying to pry out of the package that he fell and hit his head on the coffee table. :(
Coloring with his new crayons was a big hit! He really made us laugh this year ~ he wasn't in to unwrapping gifts AT ALL. Once he saw a new toy he wanted to play with it and didn't care about the gifts. Even when we would start tearing paper (which he loves) he would have nothing to do with it. We ended up unwrapping almost everything and he actually still has 2 gifts that haven't been opened yet.
After a nap we took him outside to see what Paw~Paw and Nana had sent. He loved his new playhouse! We played outside for at least an hour. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!
Climbing out next to the gas pump.
Learning how to shoot a few hoops and kick a goal.
Mommy, Hudson, and Daddy
Hudson decided to take a break and blow some bubbles with Noni. He wanted to hold the part you blow in, so she gave it to him. He put it in the bubbles and then held it up to his mouth. We thought he had figured out that he was supposed to blow when he promptly put it in his mouth! YUCK!
Running around the yard with his golf club.
He was cracking us up as usual...he got these squishy balls and kept putting them in his mouth and running around the table. Nut!
The next morning he headed up to Oklahoma. After Hudson's bath it was time to open presents with Paw-Paw and Nana. Hudson was surprised to find a new "George" in his stocking. (Yes, that makes 4 Georges now with 2 more at Paw-Paw and Nana's house.)

With a bunch of new stuff to play with, Hudson found Aunt Shani's camera and off he went!
After Hudson went to bed it was time for the big kids to open our gifts. Here we are with our stockings.
Kelly, Dena, Shani, Geoff

Saturday we headed out to Aunt Fern's house for Christmas dinner.
What was Hudson's favorite part of Christmas dinner? Pickles of course!
Hudson quickly fell in love with the stairs at his Great Great Aunt Fern's house and wanted to do nothing else but climb the rest of the night!

OK, I had to include this one. I can't even remember what he was wanting at the time, but he wasn't allowed to have whatever it was and this was his reaction. How pitiful!
Along with being in love with stairs he was in love with the piano. He would crawl from one end of the bench to the other playing his little heart out.
Today before we headed home we went to lunch to celebrate Aunt Shani's birthday which is this next week. We went for sushi which is her favorite. I packed a ton of food to take with us thinking my picky eater wouldn't eat anything there. Oh my surprise he liked....
...seaweed salad! Yes folks, my little guy enjoyed some seaweed salad with Aunt Shani and mommy. Seriously?!? THEN...
...he enjoyed some Lo Mein with Nana. He sure loves keeping me on my toes!
After lunch we took a few pics before loading in the car and heading back home.
Uncle Geoff, Hudson, and Paw-Paw
Daddy, Mommy, and Hudson (eating a lens cap)
What a WONDERFUL Christmas! It was so nice seeing all of our family and watching Hudson soak up every minute of it. He was definitely the star of show everywhere we went and I'm pretty sure he knew it. What a fun age!! I already can't wait for Christmas 2009 to see what it will hold. :)


Kara Wilson said...

I absolutely loved looking at all the pictures... it looks like you guys had such a wonderful Christmas!!! I especially loved the first one of Hudson listening to the Christmas Story at church. He looked so into it! What a lucky little boy... looks like he got so many fun things this year!!!

The Kilgore Corral said...

I LOVE that they have a service especially for the children. That is SO cool! I also love the pictures from your new camera. What an amazing difference! So glad you guys had a great time. I am still working on getting all of our Christmas blogging done since I DID decide to break it up. Wish me luck!

Aday Family said...

Wow, what a wonderful Christmas! There were so many great pictures of the little cutie! It is so much fun seeing your little one get so into it and loving every minute of it! We need to get together and see how much the kids have grown! :)

Grow with Griffin said...

What a great post and a super Christmas! Looks like Hudson got a TON of fun things! Griffin will have to come over and play soon :-) I love the pictures of Hudson at church so curious and excited about the story of Christmas.