Thursday, December 18, 2008

Playgroup Christmas Party

This past Monday Brittney and Quinn hosted our Playgroup Christmas Party. Brittney is so creative and had the cutest activity planned for the boys...we painted their hands and turned them into Santa! Then, we placed their hand Santas on a mini photo album to keep their yearly pictures with Santa in. Too cute!!! The boys played, the mommies talked, we all ate, and then the boys did their Secret Santa gift exchange. We are so blessed to have this wonderful group of little men and mommies!!
Hudson laughed and laughed when I used the paint brush to put paint on his hand. He immediately took his clean hand to feel what mommy was putting on his hand. Needless to say, we got paint everywhere! The finished cute is that?!? Notice the precious placemat that she had underneath their craft? Hudson has used his placemat for breakfast every morning this week!
Quinn drew Hudson's name and got him an interactive Nativity Scene and a Yellow Taxi book with pieces that come out. We get to open the first piece of the Nativity tonight...I can't wait! Thanks Brittney and Quinn for such a wonderful gift! :)
Looking at his book!
Not the best picture, but here are all the boys lined up.
Sutton, Reid, Chapman, Landon, Tanner, Quinn, Porter, and Hudson
The Mommies and the boys posing with their craft.
Standing: Meredith and Reid, Brittney and Quinn, Alli and Chapman, Amy and Porter
Sitting: Annie and Sutton, Cara and Landon, Kara and Tanner, Mommy and Hudson


Cassidy said...

what a cute little hand print santa. We made little angels out of foot prints and hand prints.

Shani Lannert said...

What an artist! A little boy after his Aunt Shani's heart! That is too cute! Make a note of his first project Mommy!
LOVE YOU and see you soon!