Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flap Your Wings

Today I took Hudson to his 15 month check up. We were a few weeks late on it because of the time that had to be between his flu shots. He did wonderful today and got a really good report. Dr. Smith was happy that he has finally decided to start walking (a little) and his ears looked great today. HOORAY! Our little guy continues to be long, lean, and have a big head. (Tee hee!) Here are his stats ~ Weight 22 pounds, 13%, Length 31 1/2", 53%, and Head Circumference 18 7/8", 68%. He did something really cute today too...after Dr. Smith had used that little instrument to check his knee reflex he reached for it. She said he could play with it and he stood there banging on his knee. Future doctor maybe? :) I had to wake him up from his morning nap to take him to the doctor and I couldn't resist taking this picture when I went in to get him. He was sleeping so peacefully that I just hated waking him up.
He is always in the corner of his crib. It must be nice and comfy there. OK, now for an explanation of the title to this post. When we got home, I fed him lunch and he played for a while before going down for a nap. He was playing with a wooden puzzle that he loves that has the big knobs on each piece. The puzzle only has 3 animals on it ~ a dog, cat, and bird. I always ask him where each one is and make the sound. Well today I pointed out that a bird has wings and started flying the bird through the air. He was looking at me like I was crazy so I started "flapping my wings" to show him and he started cracking up. Then, he started flapping his wings! It was the funniest thing ever...I couldn't quit laughing. He was so proud of his bird impression and kept doing it over and over again. I should have grabbed the video camera but I couldn't tear myself away from my little bird. Those are definitely the moments I don't ever want to forget! :)


Meredith said...

Oh, that is way too cute!! What a little ham!! Glad he had a good 15month appt.!

Cara Carroll said...

Yay Hudson!! What a sweet story! I love those little moments that make you laugh like crazy!! We had fun seeing y'all on Monday!

Grow with Griffin said...

What a sweet post! I am so glad his appointment went well!! So nice to go to the doctor and leave with good news, right!? Griffin got his second flu shot today too!! Can't wait to see you two next Friday! We miss you guys!